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With the approval of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the 18th China International composite industry technology exhibition was grandly held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 5 to 7, 2012

this exhibition is jointly organized by China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd., China composite materials industry association and China FRP society. The preparatory process received strong support and enthusiastic help from relevant departments and units such as the Ministry of science and technology and the China Building Materials Federation

there are 452 exhibitors at home and abroad, from the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Russia. In 2017, the amount of imported waste paper fell by 10% year-on-year. Turkey, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India and China (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) 19 countries, including 108 international exhibitors, There are 344 domestic (mainland) exhibitors. China's three major glass fiber enterprises Jushi group, Taishan glass fiber, Chongqing glass fiber, OCV, PPG and other international glass fiber giants all attended the meeting, and large domestic and foreign resin enterprises such as Ashland company, Jinling DSM resin Co., Ltd., BASF (China) Co., Ltd., recode, Changzhou Huari, Changzhou Tianma, Zhaoqing Futian, Huachang polymer, Jiangsu Yabang and so on all had booths, A number of composite material equipment companies used the scene to demonstrate that there are a wide variety of new multidirectional and three-dimensional reinforcement materials, and the technology and application of thermoplastic products are also developing rapidly, marking the further development of composite material level. New process technology and process equipment are also more in line with the development requirements of increasing composite material varieties, diversification of applications and high value-added products

on the whole, this exhibition reflects two characteristics: first, the exhibition proportion of high-performance fiber reinforced materials has increased significantly. According to statistics, a total of 67 exhibitors involved in the manufacturing and sales of carbon fibers and fabrics, and 21 exhibitors involved in the manufacturing and sales of aramid fibers and fabrics. The collective appearance of well-known carbon fiber enterprises at home and abroad, Japanese Toray company, Toho company, Mitsubishi company, American Zoltek company, Turkish Aksa company, German SGL company, SAERTEX company, Formosa plastic group and other carbon fiber manufacturers have set up booths, Zhongfu Shenying, Shandong Guangwei group, Jiangsu Hengshen, Bluestar Fiber Co., Ltd PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical and other domestic carbon fiber precursor production enterprises also exhibited their latest products. It is worth mentioning that a number of enterprises and institutions that provide materials, products and equipment for the aerospace field continue to participate in the exhibition, and high-quality and high-performance aerospace composite products such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber reinforced sandwich structure, honeycomb structure and related equipment continue to increase, as well as foreign famous advanced autoclave manufacturers, Italian truze company, American ASC company Haneda company of Japan, leopard special equipment company of China and Fuer Jinhao company of Tai'an appeared at the meeting at the same time, which aroused great interest of professional audiences; Second, the automation level of the equipment exhibited in this exhibition has been greatly improved. A number of automation equipment manufacturers, including Shanghai Xinao numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., Italian bellotti Numerical Control Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Geber (Shanghai) industrial numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou AGCO Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Jingwei numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., carried equipment for on-site demonstrations, In particular, the robot equipment demonstrated by Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. for the first time at the China composite exhibition reflects the advantages of automated production. This series of high-performance advanced equipment has further improved the exhibition level of "China composite Exhibition"

this exhibition covers an indoor exhibition area of 33500m2, and its application scope involves many industries such as construction, energy, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, shipbuilding, environmental protection, sewage treatment, sporting goods, etc., which fully demonstrates the continuous development of composite material application in China in recent years. Most domestic and foreign experts agree that the scale and level of "China International composite Exhibition" are constantly approaching the international level, attracting more and more international exhibitors and visitors. Its exhibition content represents the advanced level of the world and domestic composite industry, many of which are from domestic joint ventures or private enterprises, reflecting the accelerating integration of domestic enterprises with foreign technology, It also confirms the sustainable development of China's composite industry. Ms. MUTEL, President of JEC media group, the host country of the world's largest composite exhibition, delivered a speech at the 2012 "China composite Exhibition - JEC" innovative product award ceremony, saying that "China composite Exhibition" and "JEC composite Exhibition" have become the two largest exhibitions with the longest history and the most extensive influence in the industry, and the cooperation between the two sides will inject the greatest impetus into the development of the industry. Since 2007, China has replaced Japan and the United States as the leading country in the composite industry. The latter two have been competing for this position for many years. According to statistics, the total number of visitors to this exhibition reached 19553, receiving 10072 professional visitors from 63 countries and regions at home and abroad, including 751 overseas professional visitors, including professional delegations from Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand and Russia. In addition, 5176 representatives from exhibitors attended the three-day exhibition

after more than 50 years of development, China's composite industry has made brilliant achievements. Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, under the traction of the huge market demand of energy, transportation, environmental engineering, aerospace and so on, composite materials have developed at a high speed. However, the composite industry is also facing severe problems and challenges such as development mode, environmental pressure, market competition and so on. The recycling of composites has become one of the key bottlenecks that hinder the development of composites. In order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of China's composite industry, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition specially invited famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to participate in the thematic seminar with the theme of "the road to sustainable development of composite materials - composite recycling technology" held at the same time on the afternoon of September 5, discussing the current situation of patent protection of high-performance fibers at home and abroad, the recycling and reuse of composite waste, the trend of FRP recycling in Japan Degradable epoxy resin technology, the development status of environmental protection and treatment of domestic unsaturated polyester resin industry, and the economic operation status of China's composite material industry were discussed in depth, which was warmly welcomed by people in the industry

at the same time, 42 technical lectures and colorful technical demonstrations were held at the exhibition site, which played a positive role in promoting the long-term sustainable development of China's composite industry

in order to display new technologies, processes and products of composite materials in China in recent years, promote technological innovation and energy-saving and environmental protection technological progress in China's composite industry, and speed up the development and application of new products, China International composite exhibition has set up an innovative product exhibition area since the ninth exhibition in 2003; Since the 11th exhibition, innovative product selection activities have been carried out, which has attracted special attention of peers and visitors at home and abroad. This exhibition opened a 270 square meter "innovative products exhibition area". The organizing committee continued to cooperate with the world-famous French JEC media group, and invited senior experts at home and abroad to form a review team to select 32 innovative products declared by 30 companies participating in the exhibition. Finally, three categories of 11 built-in excel fully open statement products were selected to win the innovative product award and an on-site award ceremony was held. They are raw materials: byk-p 9065, byk-p 9051, BYK chemical company's processing aids for smc/bmc, and three-dimensional fabric reinforcement external wall thermal insulation materials of Bolong three-dimensional composite materials Co., Ltd; Applications: the skeleton radome of Shanghai FRP Research Institute Co., Ltd., the long fiber reinforced plastic tray of Beijing Sinoma automotive composites Co., Ltd., the carbon fiber composite automobile hub of Xiamen Hongji Weiye Composite Technology Co., Ltd., the low-density SMC molded large motorboat of Zhenshi group Huamei composite new materials Co., Ltd Continuous fiber reinforced nylon 6 composite floor for electric vehicles of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, modified polyurethane composite tower produced by Wuhan University of technology and Wuhan Narui Co., Ltd. of National Electric Power Research Institute, carbon fiber composite imaging mirror shell of Harbin FRP Research Institute, thermoplastic composite small wind turbine blade of Beijing nashengtong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd; Process technology and equipment: complete equipment for mixing long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite molding of Fujian Haiyuan Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. In the past two years, China accounted for only 4% of patent applications in the field of composite materials. Just ten years later, the proportion jumped to 49%. From 2001 to 2007, the number of patents applied for in China increased rapidly at an average annual rate of 32%. These are the basis for supporting the continuous development of China's composite industry

the purpose of this exhibition is to further display the latest development and achievements of FRP/composite technology and industry at home and abroad, expand the technical and economic exchanges between China and other countries and regions in this field, and if production must be reorganized, we should resolutely shut down, cooperate and trade, so as to promote the faster development of China's composite industry. Through the efforts of all aspects, the expected goal has been basically achieved

due to the participation of advanced composite enterprises in the world, especially in the field of dry products, the overall exhibition level of the 18th composite exhibition is slightly higher than that of previous years, and the exhibition contents of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt and their composites belonging to high-tech have increased. The improvement of exhibition level of exhibitors reflects the growth of enterprise strength and the recognition of exhibition platform. Foreign businessmen generally reported good results, and most domestic manufacturers were also satisfied with the results of this exhibition

the 18th composite materials exhibition was well received in many aspects, but in the process of the exhibition and from the opinions reflected by many people of insight, we realized that due to the rapid development of the composite industry in the world, there are huge gaps between different manufacturers at home and abroad participating in the exhibition in terms of business scale, technical grade, advanced level of equipment and products, management level and so on, Especially in the current situation of global economic slowdown and the spread of the European debt crisis, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges. How to use the platform of "China International composite industry technology exhibition" to create more ways and opportunities for exhibitors is the main direction of our future work. We also have to overcome many difficulties and constantly shorten the gap with high-standard international exhibitions

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