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Summary of technical characteristics of China's daily-use glass industry

1. Glass bottle and can industry

in 1867, the German Siemens brothers applied the regenerator continuous melting tank kiln to the glass industry, making the large-scale production of glass bottles and cans possible. From 1880 to 1890, the molding technology of making wide mouthed bottles by pressing blowing and small mouthed bottles by blowing blowing was born. From 1904 to 1905, American M.J. Owens created a fully automatic vacuum suction bottle making machine. In 1925, hadford Empe of the United States prepared a unique flexible conductive film, and the company successfully developed the determinant bottle making machine, which was produced by the blow blow method, and later developed to be produced by the pressure blow method. After nearly a hundred years of evolution, the determinant bottle making machine has developed into a production equipment with multiple units, multiple drips and automatic control. The United States, Italy, Britain, Germany and other countries have been at the world leading level in terms of glass bottle production equipment and production technology

at present, the domestic glass bottle and can industry is developing in the direction of batching automation, kiln large-scale and energy-saving, molding process automation and product lightweight. Among them, lightweight production technology is one of the key technologies that the glass bottle and can production industry focuses on research and development at this stage. The lightweight of glass bottles and cans refers to the reduction of the weight volume ratio (bottle weight/volume)

of glass bottles and cans to below the specific standard through technical means such as design, formula and process control without affecting the strength of glass bottles and cans, so as to achieve the purpose of saving resources and energy consumption and improving production economy

the development and production of process technology and key equipment of lightweight glass bottles and cans (disposable small caliber glass bottles with a lightweight degree of L ≤ 1.0) are listed as encouraged in China's Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011 Edition)

spray into the air at 600km/h 2. Glassware industry

the technical level of glassware industry is uneven, and the product quality in the market is also very different. In general, the technical level of the industry is mainly divided into three types: first, the global leading glassware manufacturer represented by French bow and arrow group and American Libby group, which has a long production history, strong scientific and technological development strength, and stable product quality, High technical level and good brand effect in the world; The second is the domestic first-class daily-use glassware manufacturing enterprise represented by our company. This kind of enterprise is an enterprise that has entered the daily-use glassware industry earlier in China, and its technical system is perfect. In the domestic glassware market, it can re analyze the data curve; There is a high market share and a strong upward momentum; The third is that a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have certain production and sales volume, but still lack sustained product development strength and technical talent reserves, are mainly manual production, with low product grade, weak technical force and low R & D capacity

at present, domestic first-class glassware production enterprises mostly adopt automatic batching and automatic control of kiln operation to ensure excellent and stable feed liquid quality; In terms of molding, mechanized and automated production methods are adopted, so as to achieve high product output and multiple varieties. Relying on years of experience in production technology, the company has now fully mastered the production technology of a full set of goblets from formula, ingredients, electric furnace to molding, and the production of high-end lead-free crystal glasses has reached the international advanced level

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