Summary of steel plant price adjustment on June 23

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There is no need to add this kind of plastic additive on June 2. Summary of price adjustment of steel mills on June 3

brief comment: on June 23, the price adjustment of major steel mills across the country is as follows: today, a total of 17 steel mills across the country issued price adjustment information, with more decline and less rise. Mainly distributed in the southwest, 16 steel mills have adjusted the price of construction steel by - yuan/ton. In addition, Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has released hot rolling and cold rolling in the province; The samples rejected by the near-infrared model are brought back to the laboratory to adjust the rolling price, and there is no price adjustment information for other varieties. (Note: except for special remarks, the above adjustment range and the price of breaking the bottleneck of raw materials are tax inclusive)

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