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Telecom Spain UK O2 chooses mavenir to virtualize IMS

Telecom Spain UK O2 will deploy mavenir's virtualized IMS solution in the UK

network function virtualization openstack cloud infrastructure

accelerate and redefine the leader of mobile network economic transformation of communication service providers (CSPs), mavenir announced today, Telef Nica UK (fwb: o2uk) will deploy mavenir's virtualization IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) solution (VIMS) for volte and voiwifi in its national data center infrastructure, which is based on the blueprint of Telef Spain in network function Virtualization (nfv) architecture

this solution will support mobile services connected by more than 8million customers. The nfv environment will include automation, lifecycle management and coordination functions of Unica platform of Telefonica Mavenir advanced VIMS solution will realize automation from the first day, and support the introduction of existing voice digital services and new services

as a software company leading the telecom nfv industry, mavenir fits perfectly with the nfv strategy of Telecom Spain. The company can provide Telecom Spain with highly flexible and optimized solutions to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and open up countless new service possibilities Mavenir VIMS will enable Telefonica UK to put forward new ideas for all customer groups to push telecom services into a new era of IP convergence and virtualization

Jorge Ribeiro, head of core systems and it infrastructure of Telefonica UK, said: Xiban electromagnetic clutch failed. Unica nfv plan of Chinatelecom will make full use of the advantages of cloud native software applications and automation enhancement to lay the foundation for the next generation of architecture in the future. This is an important step in our core transformation. We look forward to working hand in hand with mavenir, which has become our preferred partner because of its advanced technology and innovation in nfv

Stefano cantarelli, chief marketing officer of mavenir, said: Based on the company's extensive and unique experience in IMS solutions, mavenir is fully committed to creating excellent performance and operations. As a complete end-to-end 4G LTE and 5g and physical contact provider, we will continue to improve flexibility, efficiency and agility in innovation

about Telefonica UK (O2):

O2 is a mobile network operator and the main business brand of Telefonica UK Limited, a global telecommunications group Telefonica S.A A subsidiary of. Headquartered in Spain, Telefonica operates in Europe, North America, Central America and South America

Telefonica UK is registered in England and Wales (Registration Number:)

about mavenir:

mavenir is the industry's only end-to-end, cloud native Networking software that usually significantly reduces CO2 emissions. It is committed to the networking infrastructure stack, which can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures (referring to fixtures with inclined locking principle structure), pair clamp fixtures (referring to fixtures with single-sided or double-sided rib top locking principle structure), winding fixtures (referring to fixtures with samples locked by winding) Eccentric fixture refers to the fixture with eccentric locking principle structure, lever fixture (refers to the fixture with lever force amplification principle structure), shoulder fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for shoulder sample), bolt fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for testing rib strength of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) 90 ° stripping fixture (refers to each layer suitable for two samples to provide a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio, accelerate the transformation of software network and redefine the network economics of communication service providers (CSP). From 5g application/service layer to packet core and wireless access (RAN), mavenir is in a leading position in evolving cloud native network solutions, and provides innovative and secure experiences for end users With a series of industry-leading pioneering technologies in the fields of volte, VoWiFi, advanced information (RCS), multi ID, vepc and openran vran, mavenir has provided assistance to more than 250 communication service provider customers in more than 140 countries in accelerating network transformation, serving more than 50% of users worldwide

our application helps promote the breakthrough and innovative technical architecture and business model of service agility, flexibility and speed. By promoting the evolution of nfv to achieve network economies of scale, mavenir provides communication service providers with a series of solutions that help reduce costs, generate revenue and protect revenue. For details, please visit:

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