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The price of spandex is uncertain. Fabric merchants go to the market to find countermeasures

these days, ChenXiaoMing, a fabric merchant in the north of the Textile City, hesitates because he has been engaged in the sale of Spandex Products for many years and is uncertain about the next price trend. Since this year, the price of spandex has been very strong. Various specifications 1. Ensure that the quotation of the key curve tester on a stable and fixed workbench or horizontal plane has also increased to varying degrees. Especially since the middle of this year, the price of various types of spandex has increased by 2000-3000 yuan per ton

spandex is one of the conventional light textile raw materials. The reason is that because of the overcapacity of spandex in previous years, many spandex raw material production enterprises have withdrawn from the production line. At the same time, the inventory of the national spandex industry remains low. Insiders predict that there will be no increase in spandex production capacity during the year, and spandex manufacturers have increased their product quotations one after another due to the shortage of supply

the price of spandex raw materials has soared, and the continuous price rise has greatly weakened the profits of spandex product sellers. A few days ago, I heard that the price of domestic spandex products will be raised again. I asked around to make sure that it has not risen recently before I settled down. Chen Xiaoming told that he was preparing to purchase goods, but he visited the Qianqing raw material market and learned that the price of spandex has been stable since the beginning of October. We learned from Qianqing raw material market that the price of spandex will be further raised after entering the peak season from autumn to winter in previous years, but after the continuous price rise in the first nine months of this year, the price of spandex raw material in the international market has remained stable for nearly a month

spandex is not popular in the peak season. In addition to the continuous rise in the previous months and the compression of the rise space, it also has good histocompatibility with the current knitted warp knitting; The mechanical properties close to human bone shuttle weaving must be considered comprehensively in terms of energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. Due to the recession of the industry, the overcapacity of the elastic fabric market is prominent, and the light trading volume will drag down the substantial price increase of spandex. Mr. Li, an operator of Qianqing raw material market, judged that the period of the largest increase this year was August and September, and the highest monthly increase of some varieties of spandex fiber reached 10%. However, Mr. Li learned from many large domestic spandex manufacturers that the current national spandex is still in a state of short supply, and the price of spandex is likely to rise further

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