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"Shimmering paint" brand water-based paint became a licensed commodity of the WorldExpo

"shimmering paint" brand water-based paint became a licensed commodity of the WorldExpo

May 13, 2010

[China paint information] since the opening of the world Expo in Shanghai, a 0.05 square meter "shimmering paint" brand water-based paint display grid in the United Nations Pavilion has been inconspicuous, but eye-catching. This is the qualification of Wenzhou bangxuan Technology Co., Ltd. as a licensed commodity manufacturer for the WorldExpo with 600000 yuan

Wenzhou bangxuan Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of water-based paint in our district. After more than 10 years of concentration and research, the plastic water-based paint was successfully developed in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008. It was the first in the world to realize the normal construction and application of plastic water-based paint under the general coating environmental conditions in China, and it fully has the technical performance of comprehensively and largely replacing paint. Its color category is completely as complete as paint, and its construction performance is as simple as single component paint. The performance of the finished film is comparable to that of high-grade two-component paint, and surpasses the effect of two-component high-grade paint in terms of weather resistance and mirror effect. 200 leakage is still common and can not be cured for 9 years. This plastic water-based paint is widely used in "Lvyuan" group, a famous brand enterprise of electric vehicles in China

based on the technology of plastic water-based paint, the company quickly developed wood water-based paint and wall water-based paint. Wood water-based paint surpasses the world-class wood water-based paint in terms of film fullness, film hardness and alcohol corrosion resistance in all aspects, including a few well-known enterprises in the United States, Denmark, Japan and so on; The contrast ratio of wall water-based paint is greater than 97%, and the self-cleaning performance is very excellent. At present, the water-based paint developed by the company also includes water-based wood paint and wall paint. According to the hazard test identification of relevant national authorities, water-based plastic and other paints have no explosion, deflagration reaction, toxic reaction, flammable gas emission, no damage to the skin, no radioactive dangerous goods, no odor, infection and other hazards, At present, we know that pendulum impact testing machine is a real environmental protection coating in China for the impact resistance of relevant materials under dynamic load

in July 2009, more than 10 domestic and foreign advanced design and manufacturing methods such as paint production and raw material supply initiated the establishment of "water-based platform (China)" to seek breakthroughs in water-based paint environmental protection technology through the collective wisdom of the industry. It is reported that the United Nations Pavilion of the WorldExpo is very strict in the selection of licensed goods, which not only requires enterprises to have a high scientific and technological content, but also must be truly environmental friendly. After the organizer's strict scientific and technological content and environmental protection review, bangxuan's products won the 0.05 square meter display space of the United Nations Pavilion's licensed counter with 600000 yuan. As a "2010 Shanghai WorldExpo United Nations Pavilion Global Forum cooperative enterprise", its "sparkling paint" brand water-based paint added a luster to the theme of the 2010 WorldExpo "Better City, better life. Celanese material scientists have developed various tracking technologies"

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