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The Spanish solar industry is dissatisfied with the reduction of subsidies

in Spain, the debate about solar subsidies is heating up, and the solar industry has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the government's decision to reduce subsidies for solar photovoltaic power stations

the Spanish photovoltaic enterprise Association believes that the policy of reducing subsidies for new and existing solar power stations by 30% is a severe blow to those enterprises that have invested billions based on the government's commitment to subsidies

the Spanish government will set a ceiling on the number of photovoltaic power generation hours that can be subsidized. In the past, 1753 hours of photovoltaic power generation can be subsidized by the government, but in the next three years, the number of hours that can be subsidized each year will be reduced to 1250. The sharp reduction of photovoltaic subsidies this time is likely to be in the new materials industry because the industry should pay close attention to the main motor flow meter and various indicators when it is fed in 2009. The subsidies obtained by instigating the change of state account for half of the total renewable energy subsidies of 6billion euros (8billion dollars)

faced with a huge deficit of 16billion euros, the government believes that it is reasonable to reduce subsidies, especially when the cost of photovoltaic cells has fallen

however, from the perspective of investors and analysts, this change is considered a violation of the agreement. They pointed out that the government promised to guarantee subsidies for 25 years in 2007, and now the reduction of subsidies has increased uncertainty for Spain's clean energy industry

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a group of international investors wrote directly to prime minister Sabato in May 2010, intending to force him not to reduce subsidies to the photovoltaic industry. They said that Spain's deficit was largely due to the failure to pass on the full cost of traditional and renewable energy to consumers

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