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Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry has developed high-quality BOPP special material

in cooperation with Zhenhai Refining and chemical, Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry has successfully developed a new brand of homopolymer BOPP f280z. In the process of developing homopolymer BOPP production technology, Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry adopted the self-developed electron donor control technology to research and develop a unique homopolymer BOPP production process. On the 200000 ton/year polypropylene plant of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., high-quality BOPP special materials were produced on a trial basis, with a value-added of about 300 yuan per ton. Mass production began in July, with a monthly output of more than 5000 tons. 2 There is nothing that big manufacturers cannot find a new way for customers to visit new products

the pilot products were first applied in Zhejiang huabinbao excellent yellowing and precipitation resistant packaging material Co., Ltd. The film drawing speed is 420m/min, and 700 tons have been tried. There is no film breaking, and the stiffness of the product is high, and the haze is only 0.5%. The ash content in raw materials is low, and the filtration replacement cycle is extended to about 30 days. It also realizes the use of TPU in the core layer and the surface layer. The bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption of TPU can be tested, and the real-time graphic dynamic switching performance is outstanding. The effect of making the surface layer is very ideal. Later, it also showed the same advantages in nearly ten enterprises, such as Jiangsu Shuangliang group HENGCHUANG packaging materials Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Huayi Plastic Co., Ltd

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