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Scientists have created elastic glass for the first time. The research team of Tokyo Institute of technology led by makotoji Inaba, a material scientist, has created an electronic experimental machine to produce elastic glass for the first time

glass is usually composed of phosphorus based or silicon-based molecules, which are bound together in an ordered but amorphous three-dimensional structure. Through experiments, Chenger Inaba and his colleagues changed the microstructure of glass into a chain structure similar to rubber molecules. After stretching the glass at high temperature, it can shrink by about 35% - showing the elasticity that normal glass has never had

Kenji Inaba said that he still needs to continue to work hard. At present, this kind of glass has a good retraction performance at 220 ~ 250 ℃, but the designer hopes that the glass can finally achieve this performance at room temperature

Michael demkowitz, a materials scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of technology in the United States, pointed out that engineers can use Kenji Inaba's square ball impact testing machine to give elasticity to glasses that have become excellent conductors with a regular amount of steel balls. Maybe in the near future, when we drop a part or a wine glass, there will be no more debris splashing

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