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Recently, American scientists have actually developed a new technology solar bulletproof clothing, which is as soft as tissue paper. Its bulletproof ability is equal to that of ordinary bulletproof clothing, and it uses solar energy to bulletproof, with a texture as soft as tissue paper. This is the latest achievement in the application of nanotechnology

it is understood that this bulletproof vest is made of new materials. This material is as soft as tissue paper, light, ultra-thin and plastic. It is made of nanowires of germanium, silicon, and other fibers. These nanowires will be woven into traditional fabrics or surrounded by some hard plastics, so they can have the same bulletproof function as Kevlar, and can also use solar energy and other functions

according to Brian korgel, the American inventor of this new type of bulletproof jacket, usually the paper we use is pressed from wood fibers, but the main test is the fluctuation (electro-hydraulic servo and hydraulic) and control accuracy (electromagnetic resonance) of the experimental machine. It is the "thin paper" material of this bulletproof jacket, but it is made by compressing a large number of nanowires converted from semiconductor components such as germanium and silicon together

as we all know, germanium is a brittle and hard loose material. In fact, the "tissue paper" material made of germanium is highly plastic and can be bent at will without worrying about damage. In particular, dozens of agencies have been set up across the country. Individual germanium nanowires have an unexpected degree of firmness, and even have a similar strength to weight ratio with Kevlar. Usually, the impact force that can damage germanium will not affect germanium nanowires at all. However, using germanium nanowires alone to make bulletproof vests is not enough. Because Kevlar is bulletproof not only because the individual fiber has good bulletproof performance, but also because the overall fiber has strong bulletproof performance. But germanium nanowires are slightly inferior to Kevlar at this point. Therefore, Brian and his colleagues began to plan to use the semiconductor module performance in the new fiber to develop another use, namely solar energy

usually, germanium absorbs some light that can be seen by human eyes, and it can also absorb invisible infrared rays. However, because the photovoltaic effect brought by germanium is far less than the energy absorbed by silicon, scientists have also developed a fiber similar to tissue -- silicon nanowires. It is understood that silicon nanowires can convert more sunlight into electrical energy. Individual silicon nanowires are 35% stronger than germanium nanowires and are more corrosion-resistant. In this way, the germanium silicon nanowire fabric inside the body armor and the germanium silicon nanowire surrounding the hard plastic will simultaneously convert solar energy into electric energy, thus driving the sensors inside the body armor and others. We mainly carried out the utilization and research and development of graphene on power cables; Moreover, the current main research is not to replace the metal conductor of the cable with graphene. Some power equipment can play a better bulletproof role

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