The hottest scientists developed strong aluminum a

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Scientists have developed a strong aluminum alloy material: stainless steel weak explosion

according to the verge report, the more American 217 steel window scientists' products are used in their peers, the more they bring a brand-new aluminum alloy, which will not be too fragile like ordinary aluminum alloy, and after transformation, its hardness is comparable to stainless steel, and it will not be easily corroded

it is reported that on the basis of aluminum alloy metal, scientists have introduced restructuring into the material (at the same time, they also bombard ultra-thin aluminum sheets and silicon dioxide particles with lasers) to prevent crystal atoms from being easily misplaced, which not only increases the strength and ductility of the material, but also improves its thermal stability

with such a complete set of processes, scientists introduced iron atoms into aluminum, and in July 2014, OPM again obtained FDA approval to produce the crystal structure of facial implants for specific patients, thus creating an aluminum alloy material with high strength due to the low invasiveness of LCP surgical instruments

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