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American scientists have developed composite plastics as thin as paper and as strong as steel

nano scale composites have a large area, and the strength is still

American scientists have developed a new type of transparent plastic, which is as strong as steel, but only the thickness of a piece of paper. The research results were published in the journal Science on October 4

this biodegradable composite plastic is made of clay and a non-toxic glue similar to that used by students. It can be produced with little energy. Led by the development of this plastic, the temperature of the printing material has to be raised. Kotov, a researcher at the University of Michigan, said: This is the most environmentally friendly plastic you can imagine, and the production cost is very low

it has been a difficult problem for scientists for a long time to manufacture composites in the nano scale and maintain their strength in a larger size. Kotov tried to solve this problem by imitating the molecular structure similar to brick mortar found in the shell

Kotov's engineering team has made a robot, which can alternately arrange brick like nano sheets in different ways like building blocks, and use a colloidal polymer to generate hydrogen adhesion between their interlayer. Even if the adhesion at one place is loose, the nano sheets can be easily re bonded at another place. It will take several hours for the robot arm to form a 300 layer plastic sheet by gluing the glue and layers of clay nano sheets

Kotov said that the research work is still in the exploratory stage of expanding the scope of application, but it has been possible to produce a new type of plastic with a square meter in the laboratory. Experiments show that this brick mortar like structure can achieve ideal stress transfer effect between nano sheet and polymer matrix

researchers have begun to use this composite plastic to develop practical products, and it is estimated that it will be commercialized in the next oneortwo years. This kind of plastic can be used to reduce the energy consumed by chemical plants when separating natural gas, improve the micro technology used such as microchips or biosensors, and one day even produce lighter and harder armor for vehicles used by the army or police

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