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Scientists have found ways to eliminate the peculiar smell of plastic waste

according to EFE, according to the data of the European Association of plastic industry manufacturers, 29.1 million tons of plastic waste were produced in Europe in 2018, of which 17.8 million tons were packaging waste. 42% of these packaging waste were recycled, and the rest were incinerated or landfilled. This means that more than 10 million tons of plastic waste in Europe cannot be recycled every year

Andrea Cavanis gill and Andres fujana Fonte, experts from the University of Alicante in Spain, spent a year and a half developing this new method, which has great potential in application

two researchers pointed out that the reuse of household plastic waste is limited by the high content of food or cleaning product waste absorbed in its polymer matrix, which is the source of pollution and unpleasant smell

they emphasized that these odorous substances are volatile organic compounds, which cannot be treated by conventional washing or conventional mechanical recovery at present

therefore, they believe that "it is necessary to recover the plastic waste that is not available in plastic EVA in an effective and environmentally friendly way, and collect the plastic waste used for the further improvement of modified plastics in the living market, so that it can be used as raw materials in the future, so as to reduce their presence in landfills, reduce production costs and increase the added value of products"

it is reported that the new system designed by the research group of "waste products, energy, environmental measurement and nanotechnology" where the two experts belong eliminates these unpleasant smells by extracting volatile organic compounds with water vapor

the report points out that this system includes several stages. First, the separation and adjustment of plastics; The second is crushing; Third, the steel ball of the oil outlet valve in the oil pump is stirred with a steel wire hook and chemically washed with surfactant; Fourth, wash plastic materials; Fifth, mechanical drying; Sixth, plastic deodorization is carried out in the distillation tower

Cavanis Gill said that the more complex the structure of plastic, the more difficult it is to recycle, so there is an urgent need to design plastic with simpler structure

it is reported that this new method was patented a few months ago, and five companies, including a multinational company, have expressed considerable interest in it

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