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Shun Hao shares: the net profit in the first three quarters increased by 15% year-on-year.

release date: Source: CSI

on the evening of October 30, Shun Hao shares disclosed the third quarter report of this year. The report shows that in the first three quarters, the company achieved a total operating income of 397million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.27%, and a net profit of 14.2927 million yuan, a year-on-year increase, thus creating a new type of sustainable materials with a length of 15.01%

in recent years, Shun Hao Co., Ltd. has continued to increase the business of special anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection paper and printed matter, paying attention to the investment in scientific research and development and the cultivation of high-level technical personnel with high manufacturing success rate. Cheng 1 is a circular arc synchronous gear, which has successfully combined the diamond lens technology with direct writing lithography technology, and has successfully applied to transfer paper. It has developed the transfer technology of multi-layer superimposed Fresnel lens (commonly known as "cat's eye") and has applied for a patent, At present, the transfer "cat's eye" positioning paper products made by this technology have been successfully applied to a variety of packaging and decoration materials, and are in a leading position at home and abroad

in addition, at the beginning of 2019, Yunnan Lvxin biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shun Hao Co., Ltd., obtained the industrial marijuana planting license and the reply to the application for Yunnan Lvxin processing big fried dough twist leaf project. The company actively seized the domestic racing track and took the lead in the layout of industrial marijuana business. The globalization of its planting, processing and sales and the layout of the whole industrial chain were steadily promoted. The report shows that Luxin hemp group inc2016, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company established in California, USA, once again encountered the liquidation crisis caused by environmental pollution. To carry out the processing and manufacturing of industrial cannabis and other related businesses, the company has received the business permit issued by Pasadena (Pasadena City) in the United States, and obtained the license to process and manufacture locally and sell in the United States and other legal regions around the world. The company has the basic production and processing site, and some of the required equipment are on the way of delivery and shipment, and some are still being customized

according to the report, at present, the industrial cannabis has entered the autumn harvest period. Shun Hao Co., Ltd. said that all the industrial cannabis planted by the wholly-owned subsidiary in Yunnan has been harvested and will be warehoused and stored after harvest. In addition, in order to meet the expected production and processing demand in the later stage, the company purchased about 1000 mu of industrial large fried dough twist leaves from two industrial cannabis planting companies respectively

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