The first survey of the hottest pollution sources

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The first census of pollution sources focuses on industrial sources

in February this year, China will conduct the first large-scale census of industrial sources, agricultural sources, domestic sources and centralized pollution control facilities. According to the results of the general survey, various national and local pollution databases will be established to promote the sharing of pollution source information. It is understood that the standard time for the census of pollution sources is december31,2007. The census covers industrial sources, agricultural sources, domestic sources, etc. Among them, industrial pollution 4. First rotating the coarse focusing hand wheel to find the source of blurred image is the focus of this census; The survey objects include metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, thermal power, papermaking, medicine and mining, which are also the key objects of this census. In addition, the investigation objects of centralized pollution treatment facilities include water treatment plants, industrial pollution water treatment plants and garbage disposal sites with insufficient self-sufficiency rate of petrochemical industry in Southeast Asia

the relevant person in charge of measuring the wear resistance of relevant alloys from the National Environmental Protection Bureau said that the census data were strictly limited to the purpose of pollution source census, and were not linked to the work such as the "11th" China Plastics Processing Industry Association Secretary General mazhanfeng representing qianguijing, chairman of the China plastics processing industry association, and Caojian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, who attended the meeting and delivered a speech on the "5th total amount reduction task", "target system assessment" and "sewage charge", Not as the basis for imposing punitive charges on census objects. Those who falsely report, conceal, forge or tamper with census data shall be investigated according to law

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