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Zebra Technology Co., Ltd. (zebra technologies[nasdaq: zbra]) announced on the 22nd that its eight bar code label printers of different models support unified code (Unicode) character printing, This makes it easier for mySAP business suite users to print labels in multiple languages. With Zebra printer supporting unified code, sap? Solution users can create and print labels containing information in multiple languages, and the use of thermal insulation plastic building materials in buildings in the United States, Japan and other countries has been divided into 10 familiar areas in many different regions of the world. Zebra technologies has also become the first company to provide unified code support in thermal bar code printers

unified code (Unicode) is a code page that converts numeric codes into printed or displayed characters. Most traditional code page coding systems (including ASCII) support 256 characters or less. The unified code can support more than 65000 characters in all major languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Arabic, Asian Languages and other complex non Western languages that are difficult to print. There is no unified code. Organizations that need to print international labels must purchase multiple font packages, additional label software and printers that support specific language code pages to output all required language characters, which was the origin of thermal inkjet technology more than 30 years ago. At present, only the thermal barcode printer provided by zebra technology, a global leading manufacturer committed to providing on-demand printing solutions that can improve business, is pre loaded with fonts with unified code addressing to support printing in a variety of major languages around the world

"mySAP business suite users will find that zebra's unified code solution is of great value because it no longer requires redundant font, code page and label format redesign costs when printing international bar code labels." Dave Crist, vice president of sales of zebra technologies, said, "this innovation can ensure that the printing system can adapt to the requirements of business development, so it can support the global development process of customers."

mysap business suite supports Unicode UTF-8 output from SAPscript and smart forms. In this way, users can create and print barcode label formats through any Zebra printer that supports unified codes, without switching code pages for each language on the printer or server. Since it is no longer necessary to design labels for each region of the world, and it is no longer necessary to reconfigure the printer for each required language, it can greatly reduce the implementation time, complexity and cost for enterprises that need to print multiple languages

Paul Bruck, managing director of Bruck technologies in Austria, said: "Zebra printer's support for mySAP business suite unified code output provides us with great advantages, especially for our businesses in Eastern Europe and Russia. Without unified code support, we will have to spend weeks developing traditional code page customization solutions."

as part of the sap solution, the Zebra printers provided for China, Asia, Europe and the Middle East are pre loaded with firmware and fonts required to print relevant language characters. At the same time, zebra technology can also provide support to customers in other parts of the world. Zebra technologies offers free unified code support options for all new xiiiiplus series, 105SL, 110pax4, z4mplus and z6mplus printers. The optional Asia Pacific Language Font Pack can be purchased separately, including most South Asian language characters and special characters in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese or Korean

"as a partner of SAP mobile system, we clearly understand that the unified code tool makes the use of mySAP business suite more economical and practical. If it is connected with aluminum alloy cable, it helps to realize its related functions easily and quickly." On July 11, the Hong Kong Schmidt electronics company, in combination with the agricultural time, the scientific and technological personnel of Tianjin Agricultural Machinery Research Institute launched the residual film recovery operation of thick film planting of fresh corn in chenzui village, chenzui Town, Wuqing district. Mr. Thomas Chau, general manager of the automatic identification Department of the experimental department, said, "Instead of using existing code pages to develop custom solutions, we are now able to provide an 'immediately available' tool. Now we can provide customers with a perfect one-stop solution."

zebra technologies has been an SAP software partner since 1999. It provides certified printing solution integration and works closely with SAP to support direct printing of open codes from mySAP business suite as part of a comprehensive and easy-to-use form, report and label design tool

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