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The first submarine cable built by Google will lead directly from the United States to France

according to the American "overseas Chinese News" on July 17, like all major Internet companies, Google often participates in the construction of new submarine cables because it hopes to connect data centers around the world, and these cables are usually built and owned by a corporate alliance. Now, Google will start to build an undersea cable from Virginia Beach in the United States to the Atlantic coast in France to consolidate its position as the world's largest backbone operator

according to techcrunch, this is also the fourth private cable owned by Google. However, the previous submarine cables were short-distance, and one of the longer ones only extended from Los Angeles to Chile. The latest submarine cable contracted by te Subcom will be a four fiber communication system with a length of nearly 4000 miles (about 6437 kilometers)

in addition, in the past few years, Google has also made a lot of investment in some Consortium alliance cable projects in the Atlantic and Pacific, of which a considerable part will be launched in 2019. The latest submarine cable is named after the first Nobel Peace Prize winner and the founder of the Cross Society "Dunant" until the weight of the added weight is equal to the weight of the weight. It is expected to be launched as soon as 2020. Although it landed in France, its main function is to connect Google directly from Northern Virginia to Belgium

owning this cable will mean that Google can accurately lay the optical fiber cable to the data center that needs to be connected according to its own needs, researchers said, without considering the needs of other alliance partners. This cable is also the first broadband cable owned by Google that has been built since but only in 2013 and can be owned forever. Generally, the service life of broadband cable is 15 to 25 years

previously, the parent company of Google, alphabet, also said that this line would be the first transatlantic optical fiber line that does not belong to a telecommunications company. Google has spent a lot of money to ensure the capacity of the transcontinental network

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