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Latest! The first ticket for the imported exhibits of the Import Expo passes the customs. Why is this car made by a century old paper-making enterprise unusual

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core tips: [China Packaging News] this is a new car with the main biological concept. Its name is a bit awkward. It is called drive by biofore (BioF for short) in the early morning of September 6. From Finland,

[China Packaging News] this is a new car with the main biological concept. Its name is a bit awkward, It is called drive by biofore (hereinafter referred to as biofore). It was transferred from Finland to Shanghai via Brussels in the early morning of September 6

early this morning, the person in charge of UPM company of Finland declared to Shanghai Customs with the internationally accepted "passport" ATA carnet of the exhibits, making this biofore the first entry exhibit for customs clearance at the first China International Import Expo

it is very interesting that UPM Finland, which designed and manufactured this concept car, is not a car company in the traditional sense, but a paper giant with a history of more than 100 years. Biofore is a brand-new concept put forward by the company five years ago, which means "green to the best of its ability, forest future"

this car, worth 30000 euros, weighs 1110kg. Is it much lighter than an ordinary car? This is due to its materials. Traditional plastic components such as doors and opening and closing positions are made of UPM formi biological composite materials and UPM grada wood materials. This makes the car about 150kg lighter than a car of the same size

the door panel, passenger compartment floor, front cover, internal panel, etc. of this car are all "wood". More importantly, this car that can legally go on the street is powered by UPM bioverno renewable biodiesel

upm bioverno

Finland, located in northern Europe, has no oil and no coal, and its domestic energy resources are very scarce. Therefore, it has long been committed to vigorously developing new energy in the form of renewable energy. Among them, the "wood-based fuel" based on Finland's rich forest resources and developed forest industry is particularly prominent. UPM lapenlanta bio refinery can produce about 120million liters of renewable diesel oil (UPM bioverno) every year. The raw material of this diesel oil is crude total oil, which is a residue from pulp production. Most of the raw materials come from the pulp mill in Finland under the forestry products company UPM

compared with traditional diesel, UPM bioverno renewable diesel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. This kind of diesel oil can be used in all diesel engines like ordinary diesel oil

from biofore, the first commodity to be exhibited, we can see that China International Import Expo will be very popular in more than a month. Let's start with a spoiler. Cars that can "fly", heart pacemakers as thin as "coins", and skylights that can "listen" to dialects will all appear at the first Import Expo

the car that can "fly" comes from Slovakia and is called aeromobile. The first reaction was to think of the bumblebee in the transformers. I never thought that the Autobot had really become a reality

it is said that aeromobile has switched from the vehicle operation state to the flight mode. The organic wings stretch out and the wing spreading speed is extremely fast. At present, in Europe, this car that challenges your imagination has begun to accept reservations

"coin" cardiac pacemaker

the "Medtronic" cardiac pacemaker, which is only 1 yuan in size, can not only get rid of the wire bondage, but also directly attach to the heart wall. The operation only needs to be gently introduced by minimally invasive means, resulting in less pain and faster recovery

at present, it has entered the clinical trial stage in Ruijin Hospital and will officially enter the Chinese market in a few days

watch sphygmomanometer

Omron's ultra-thin watch sphygmomanometer is very practical

at present, this watch sphygmomanometer has been approved by FDA of the United States and other operating countries, such as modifying the experimental data. It is expected to enter the Chinese market from 2019 to 2020

spray polyurea elastomer technology is a new solvent-free and pollution-free green spraying technology after high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating.

the giant exhibit "Longmen milling"

the "Longmen milling" brought by the German wadericksburg company is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, 8 meters high, covers an area of 200 square meters, and weighs nearly 200 tons, Visual inspection will become the largest exhibit of this Import Expo

this big guy came to China this time, but it was the first time he went out of Europe to participate in the exhibition

30million jewelry shoes

jinafan, a luxury brand from the UK, will bring a pair of jewelry shoes designed by Zhou Yangjie, which must be the favorite of beauties. This pair of collection jewelry shoes worth 30million yuan is made of 400-500 carat diamonds

at the same time, all kinds of jewelry shoes decorated with Nanyang white beads and matched with white diamonds will also appear at the first Import Expo

"understand" the skylight in dialect

Webasto, a family business in Germany, is a century old shop specializing in the production of automobile skylights. This time, the voice controlled skylight and gesture controlled skylight will be exhibited for the first time in the Chinese market

the voice controlled sunroof can also recognize the dialects of different parts of China, which not only greatly facilitates drivers, but also improves the safety factor of driving

inbound exhibits must hold ATA documents. ATA documents, like "passports" held by inbound exhibits, are also a mode of customs supervision over exhibits. In the past, all the sea experiments on the "passport" of the exhibition ATA carnet adopted the Chinese man-machine dialogue mode on the windows platform, and the period of endorsement was 6 months. This means that after the expiration of six months, if the exhibitors still want to keep the exhibits in China for further exhibition in order to find buyers, they must go to the customs to handle the "passport" extension procedures. For enterprises with a long promotion cycle, such as automobiles, mechanical equipment and high-end cultural products, the six-month endorsement period is often stretched, so most of them will apply for a six-month extension

with the approval of the General Administration of customs, the first entry period of the temporary entry exhibits of the Import Expo under the ATA carnet shall be extended from the current 6 months to 1 year within the validity of the carnet. This means that the validity period of the "passport" of the exhibition items at the fair is more than that of the general exhibition items for a full six months, which saves enterprises from going to the customs to handle the "passport" extension procedures, and also provides a "reassurance" for exhibitors, so that they can further expand the exhibition effect of the fair after the exhibition

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