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The mud commune Yaoling store was empty. Photographed by Changsha Evening News reporter Xie Chunnian

Changsha Evening News Gang reporter Xie Chunnian

a few days ago, Ms. Zhang reported to the evening news Gang reporter that her new house was in Mars street, Furong district, and the customer service staff of Hunan mud commune decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "mud commune") contacted her by phone. Afterwards, the customer service staff showed her the decorated model room and negotiated the decoration price of 90000 yuan. However, as soon as Ms. Zhang signed the agreement and paid the down payment of 27000 yuan, the decoration company closed down, and the relevant staff even "hacked" her wechat

On May 17, Ms. Zhang suddenly received a message that the mud commune was closed and people and things were swept away. Ms. Zhang was very surprised. She only paid the down payment of 27000 yuan on May 11. According to the plan, on May 18, she will go to the mud commune located in Yaoling Shangcheng constellation building to discuss specific decoration details

Ms. Zhang hurried to the mud commune and found that there were people inside and outside the store of the decoration company, most of whom were decoration customers. Some, like her, paid the money but the decoration had not started. Some houses had started but did not know how to complete the decoration project. In addition to decoration, there are also material merchants. But Ms. Zhang couldn't find a staff member of the mud commune at the scene

"according to others, in the morning, people in mud commune collected the decoration money from customers, and in the afternoon, people in mud commune disappeared." Ms. Zhang said that she asked many employees of the mud commune who had warmly contacted her or received her through wechat, but she was "hacked" by the other party before chatting. "Now I don't know who to ask for the money back."


the company's arrears of wages triggered a chain reaction

the next day, the reporter came to the Yaoling store of mud commune. At this time, there were still many customers looking for people, but no one in mud commune was present, and the store was in a mess. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Ms. Bai, the salesman in charge of Ms. Zhang's decoration contract in mud commune. For the situation that Ms. Zhang paid the money but didn't decorate, Ms. Bai expressed her helplessness and sympathy

"I also called her to ask Sister Zhang to return the bill quickly. I didn't expect the company to close down so quickly." Ms. Bai said that it was the time to pay wages that day. In the past, wages were paid normally every month, but wages could not be paid on time this month. Some creditors and material dealers may hear some rumors and come to the store to make trouble, and the store could not hold on. "The employees in the store have not been paid yet."

Hunan lemon tree decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd., which is on the same floor as the mud commune, is also empty. A customer surnamed Chen was in the store. She told reporters that her house was only half decorated, and suddenly no one came, and she couldn't contact the person in charge of the decoration project. The reporter learned that Hunan lemon tree decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. and mud commune are subsidiaries of a decoration company that is currently in a state of crisis


can report to the public security organ and require the case to be filed for investigation

afterwards, the reporter came to the Shangcheng constellation Daxia property company. Mr. Liao, the person in charge of the company, told the reporter that after the mud commune happened, the property company immediately contacted the local community, streets and dispatch offices, asking them to send someone to maintain order and register customers and other stakeholders. At present, mud commune not only owes the property management company property fees and utilities, but also owes the landlord rent

in response to the situation that Ms. Zhang was "blackmailed" as soon as she paid the money, Li Jian, a lawyer from Hunan Wanhe united law firm, said that in general, failure to perform the contract is only a breach of contract. However, according to Article 224 of the criminal law, for the purpose of illegal possession, in the process of signing and performing the contract, she defrauded the other party of property by means of fabricating facts or concealing the truth, which is a large amount, It constitutes the crime of contract fraud. Therefore, the victim in this incident has the right to report to the public security organ and ask for legal intervention for investigation. Li Jian reminded that consumers should strengthen their screening ability in similar daily consumption, and comprehensively investigate the performance strength and credit investigation of merchants




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