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"The road is made by foot, the history is written by man, and every step of man's action is writing his own history". For enterprises, the same is true. Every action and measure of enterprises is writing their own history. In 2018, baogao brand will be showcased on CCTV's four major channels, adding a heavy color to baogao's history scroll

CCTV has benefited a lot from its exhibition and broadcasting.

China Central Television is not only a national television station in China, but also a core deployment institution for the development of financial media in China. It has many functions, such as news dissemination, social education, cultural entertainment, information services and so on. Since its establishment, CCTV has been a symbol of state authority in the eyes of Chinese people, and it is more credible than other TV platforms. It is no exaggeration to say that CCTV is indeed an excellent representative of "one platform knows the world, and the world knows it on the stage". With high-quality talents, advanced technology, 60 years of experience and other advantages, CCTV has become an ideal communication platform in the eyes of major brands. Baogao brand chooses to carry out brand communication on CCTV, which will not only get twice the result with half the effort and make baogao famous all over the world, but also the positive image of CCTV will make consumers more trust and support baogao brand, and promote them to become loyal consumers of baogao. This can be described as "one investment, multiple returns"

strength enterprise, perseverance

baogao brand is subordinate to Foshan baogao aluminum door and window accessories Co., Ltd. It is a professional manufacturer and marketing enterprise that specializes in the development of door and window accessories such as folding doors, hanging doors, sliding doors, hollow doors, etc. its main service content is the production and sales of a series of door and window accessories products such as snap locks, sliding door handles, upper and lower wheels, swing door hinges, etc. German philosopher Hegel once said that "only after a long time to complete the hard work of its development and long-term immersion in the task, can we achieve something". But persistence is not easy for a person or an enterprise. However, baogao enterprise has achieved its corporate purpose of "innovation and enterprising, honesty and trustworthiness, and service first". It has been 19 years since its establishment, and it has never stopped

baogao accessories are the best choice

"supporting role is probably a small and great existence". As a relatively small part of the whole door and window products, door and window accessories may have been ignored by people. But in fact, in daily life, compared with the whole door and window, we are most exposed to a series of accessories such as handles, push handles, locks and so on. Therefore, the product quality of door and window accessories should not be ignored. The quality of door and window accessories in the industry is uneven, which makes door and window manufacturers and consumers feel uneasy when choosing accessories. Baogao headquarters wants everyone to think, and resolutely joins the army of CCTV brand exhibition and broadcasting, appearing in everyone's vision with an excellent image, pointing out the direction for everyone's consumption of door and window accessories

what kind of scenery and success will baogao brand meet in the development of door and window accessories industry in the future? Let's follow in the footsteps of baogao brand and wait for the answer to be announced

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