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President Guo started from the foundation in guante custom furniture company and has been the regional director. It is conceivable that he has made a lot of efforts and sweat during this period

guante, a time-honored brand customized by Chinese board wood, firmly occupies more than 80% of the high-end customized wardrobe Market with its unique product style and excellent product quality; It has more than 600 franchised stores, a large modern production base covering an area of 50000 square meters, and is equipped with world-class production equipment and intelligent information systems. Guante was authorized by the Ministry of construction of China to draft and formulate standards for the closet industry in December 2006, which directly promoted the development of customized wardrobe in China. Today, I am honored to invite Guo Qitao, the regional director of guante customized furniture, to accept our exclusive interview


Name: Guo Qitao

position: Regional Director

age: post-80s

political outlook: Party members

hobbies: reading, tourism, swimming

personality: pursue perfection, strive to be the first, pay attention to commitment, pursue implementation, and like innovation

motto: as long as you are not tired to death, continue to do it

personal resume

from 2008 to 2012, he obtained a bachelor's degree in computer science and technology from Anhui University. During the school period, he won various scholarships of the school for many times, and also won the title of excellent Party member and best debater

from 2012 to 2014, in Zhejiang character ceiling, we started from the grass-roots level, starting from the telephone and running the community step by step, and achieved the position of regional director. The first company in my life has made me gain a lot and grow a lot

2014-2017, started from the grass-roots level in guante customized furniture, successively served as city manager, regional manager, regional manager and regional director

personal vision

simple life, serious work, harmonious coexistence, enrich every day, taste plain from life and passion from work. Down to earth, step by step, slowly make the world fall in love with guante customized furniture

Mr. Guo, when did you join guante company

Guo Qitao: Hello, I came to guante customized furniture in 2014. Your performance is very excellent. Can you share how you usually communicate and work with dealers

Guo Qitao: my performance is due to the good brand and products of Guanzhou, so I can have the opportunity to make myself shine. I have summarized three points about the communication and work of dealers for your reference

first, I will go all out to help dealers solve problems at any time

second, consider problems from the perspective of dealers, and be more understanding and inclusive

third, try every means to let dealers build more channels and bill more, so that dealers can live for a long time

you have always had good results. Do you have any goals and plans for your work next

Guo Qitao: my recent work goals and plans are summarized as follows

personnel management plan: manage and train the existing regional managers and city managers in the first region well, and let them go out can really help and help our dealers

customer support plan: classify the first customers in the first region, focus on building some key markets, deeply tap some potential customers, reasonably allocate all human and material resources of the company, and maximize the role of all resources

investment promotion plan: for investment promotion, we need to fully develop customers in the last few months and be fully prepared for doubling sales next year

as the regional director of guante custom furniture company, what experience do you have to share with you

Guo Qitao: I just shared a lot with you, so I'll say three more points, which are also the experience I have summarized after working for so long. I hope it can be of some help to the soldiers who have just entered their career and are still in the front line

first of all, each of our employees should have the most basic sense of social responsibility and professional responsibility, be worthy of the company that pays us wages, and take care of and consider their families at the same time

secondly, we should solve any problems immediately and avoid procrastination, so that we can become better and better in the process of solving problems

finally, no matter how we do every work and arrangement, we should think hard and go all out. As long as we really pay, no matter what the result is, we will steadily move towards the peak of our life and career step by step in the process of continuous training

what is your biggest feeling since you joined the company

Guo Qitao: the biggest feeling is that guante is like a big family. I not only gained a lot of sincere friendship here, but also received a lot of sincere suggestions and encouragement, so that I can constantly hone and grow on this excellent platform

what do you think is the unique charm of Guanzhou, which can attract so many dealers to join

Guo Qitao: every year, the company has hundreds of new dealer friends. The outside world is also very strange. Where is the magic of guante? In fact, guante just does everything in a down-to-earth manner. We can share the following four points with you

first, real products, never cheat, high-quality product quality has won a lot of repeat customers

second, the company's all-round support for customers enables new dealers to grow rapidly and get on track

third, the good development prospects of the company in the later stage have made many dealers see the general trend of the future development of this brand

fourth, a good franchise policy allows dealers to reduce a lot of pressure in the early stage

what qualities, personalities and abilities do you think are important for doing this job well

Guo Qitao: I think the most important thing is to work hard. If you take this job as your own career, you will not do it badly. Of course, it is indispensable to have excellent professional quality, low-key and calm personality and the ability to constantly study hard

do you think it is a challenging job to serve as the director of the crown region

Guo Qitao: I started at guante from the foundation, step by step, and came to my current position. In this process, I think every post is very challenging as long as you want to do it well and achieve the best. Of course, this post is certainly more challenging now, and I will do my best to do it well, but for this post, I feel more about a responsibility and a responsibility, I want to be worthy of the following employees, I want to support and manage the dealers well, and I want to complete the tasks assigned by the company. My motto is: as long as I'm not tired, I'll continue to do it

Mr. Guo started from the foundation in guante custom furniture company and has been the regional director. It is conceivable that he made a lot of efforts and sweat during this period. When talking with Mr. Guo, he will listen patiently and give detailed answers. It can be seen from Mr. Guo's generous and frank speech that a person's success is never accidental. Today, I am very grateful to Mr. Guo for his willingness to accept our interview. I believe that he can achieve greater success in his career in the future, and guante is more wonderful because of him




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