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At present, many home furnishing enterprises are paying more and more attention to consumers' evaluation of their products and services, and are gradually improving the after-sales service system. However, once there are problems, the lengthy and complicated process of safeguarding rights still makes many consumers tired of dealing with them. In order to better protect their own rights and interests, consumers should polish their eyes before "selling", understand the "background" of the enterprise in many ways, inquire about the "past and present lives" of the product, and take preventive measures. Qualification ≠ quality

at present, many home furnishing enterprises are paying more and more attention to consumers' evaluation of their products and services, and are gradually improving the after-sales service system. However, once there are problems, the lengthy and complicated process of safeguarding rights still makes many consumers tired of dealing with them. In order to better protect their own rights and interests, consumers should polish their eyes before "selling", understand the "background" of the enterprise in many ways, inquire about the "past and present lives" of the product, and take preventive measures

qualification ≠ quality

don't blindly believe in "qualification"

choose a construction team with secondary qualification for decoration, which originally made Ms. Feng, who lives in Haidian District, very relieved, but now the situation at home made Ms. Feng very upset. Ms. Feng told the reporter that the construction team is the project Department of a construction company. "I believe in the construction team because of the reputation of the company," Ms. Feng said. At the beginning of the consultation, the construction team told Ms. Feng that they have secondary qualifications and can undertake large public decoration projects. "There is no problem doing home decoration."

after a month and a half of construction, Ms. Feng moved into her new home, but less than a month later, trouble came - the ceiling of the living room collapsed. Ms. Feng immediately contacted the foreman for maintenance, but the foreman told Ms. Feng that "all the workers under her are gone and can't be repaired". Then Ms. Feng complained to the customer service department of the company, but was told that the foreman was not a member of the company, but just "borrowed" the company's assets. The company can help Ms. Feng urge the foreman to repair, but the specific maintenance details, costs, personnel and other issues, Ms. Feng can only negotiate with the foreman

at this time, Ms. Feng knew that the construction team she had so trusted was not a regular army, but attached to the construction company and was looking for decoration with the qualification of this company. At present, Ms. Feng is still working hard with the foreman on maintenance issues, and the "March 15" consumer rights day is coming. Ms. Feng hopes to get a satisfactory solution during this period

it is understood that in the decoration market, there are not a few decoration companies and decoration teams that rely on "borrowing" qualifications and obtain advanced qualifications through affiliation with a large company, and some even "borrow" first-class qualifications. However, it is often these decoration companies and decoration teams with "high qualifications" that bring many decoration quality problems, leaving no way for consumers to complain

who is it

although after more than ten years of development, the threshold of the home decoration industry is still low, and a large number of guerrillas occupy a large number of markets by relying on low costs and low prices. An unnamed insider told reporters that although there are great risks in choosing guerrilla decoration, less than 20% of consumers choose regular home decoration companies for decoration

in recent years, under the pressure of the market, the guerrillas are also quietly upgrading. Songguangsheng, vice president of the China Interior Decoration Association, told reporters that some contractors and individual construction teams without business licenses and decoration qualifications, in order to win the trust of consumers, it is more convenient to enter the community, but limited to their own strength, they cannot obtain construction qualifications from formal channels, and instead pay certain fees to some major construction companies, Borrow the construction qualification of the company, and then enter the market in the name of a project Department of the company, which makes it difficult for inexperienced consumers to distinguish

these construction teams usually rely on the first and second level advanced qualifications. At present, only a few brand home decoration companies have obtained the second level qualifications, and most of them are third level qualifications. In terms of qualifications, these construction teams are indeed "more frightening"

in addition to individual construction teams and contractors obtaining qualifications through affiliation, some small companies that have just been established also obtain advanced qualifications and improve their brand image by affiliation with large companies due to their lack of market brand popularity. Songguangsheng said that due to the low entry threshold of the home decoration industry, there are no strict requirements on the qualifications of the construction party. Some construction teams and small companies obtain the corresponding qualifications through affiliation, largely to "look better in face"

in fact, qualification is not equal to construction quality. Qualification is to standardize and review whether a company has sufficient construction engineering personnel, fixed office space, registered capital and other issues, rather than to identify the quality of the company's construction

however, qualified companies still have advantages in quality assurance. Song Guangsheng stressed that once after-sales problems occur in decoration, consumers can ask the unit to safeguard their rights, but some construction teams that have obtained qualifications through affiliation are "hard to say" in after-sales maintenance

moreover, level I and level II qualifications are architectural qualifications, which represent that the construction party can undertake large-scale public decoration projects, and are not completely related to whether the construction party has home decoration experience. "Such a construction team generally needs to do both public decoration and home decoration. The business project is relatively complex, and it is often unable to do well in the quality and management of home decoration construction"

huangxiangling, the engineering director of Boloni lifestyle division, also said that consumers have misunderstandings about the qualification of the construction party. They believe that the construction party "has quality when it has qualification". Qualification is only the qualification text of qualification, which is the qualification certificate for engaging in the construction and decoration industry. It is mainly aimed at building safety problems. Once the construction party has building safety problems during construction, it must bear responsibility

the home decoration industry rarely involves the building structure itself, and the structure is rarely changed during construction. Most of them are operated in the interior of the room. There are few problems related to building safety in home decoration. Therefore, the requirements for qualification in the home decoration industry are limited. When choosing decoration companies or construction teams, consumers should be alert to the "deception" of construction teams with qualifications

choosing an affiliated company is risky

in the interview, many consumers said that "if they know that this company is affiliated, they will definitely not choose this company for decoration". However, due to lack of experience, consumers cannot distinguish whether this company is affiliated, and such affiliated companies have relatively low construction costs and low quotations. Ms. Feng, who was affiliated with the company in the previous article, also took a fancy to the construction team. There is no management fee and design fee, and the price is about 20% cheaper than that of a regular home decoration company

affiliated companies generally do not show formal invoices and other bills to consumers, so the cost is lower than that of home decoration companies, and the price will naturally be much lower. Nian Zhiren, director of the supervision center of Asia Guangya Decoration Group, told reporters that some consumers are interested in the low price of such companies and ignore the risks they may bear in the future

the biggest risk is that such companies and construction teams are in a vacuum of supervision. Nian Zhiren said that the affiliated party generally pays a one-time management fee of varying amounts to the affiliated party, and can use the company's name and qualification. The affiliated party often does not promise to bear the construction and after-sales problems of the affiliated party, and the affiliated construction teams and decoration companies will not register with the Administration for Industry and commerce until they encounter quality problems, Consumers find it very difficult to complain, repair and other problems

but legally speaking, the affiliated party has construction quality problems, and the affiliated party also needs to bear the responsibility. However, to solve the quality problems of home decoration through legal means, the time and cost are also very high, and consumers often rarely choose this way to safeguard their rights, which makes some affiliated companies more loopholes to exploit

compared with the unsupervised affiliated company, the regular home decoration company will charge a certain proportion of quality assurance deposit for each decoration project of each foreman, with the maximum amount of more than 300000. This fee can compensate for any quality problems in the decoration and achieve better quality assurance effect

due to the uneven quality of the personnel affiliated to the company, its construction level is difficult to ensure, especially the waterway and circuit reconstruction involving the safety of daily life. Once the construction is improper, problems such as water leakage and short circuit will also affect the neighborhood

Nian Zhiren told reporters that the affiliated construction team has no quality inspectors, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of materials and environmental protection used in decoration, the construction technology is relatively backward, and the on-site management is relatively chaotic. There are even situations such as taking good decoration materials with their own hands or confusing them with the real ones. It is also difficult to put forward reasonable suggestions on indoor space planning

if it's just wall cracking, floor warping and other problems, it's not a big problem in decoration. Huang Xiangling said that the most dangerous are some engineering quality problems involving life safety and health

in the case he handled, there was a case that the construction team connected the reclaimed water and tap water inversely, which led to the owner's family using reclaimed water for nearly a year; In order to meet the needs of the owners, some construction teams demolish and modify the bearing wall and balcony counterweight wall at will, "these are quite dangerous actions, which will lead to the destruction of the building structure, and even collapse and other extreme situations"

insiders remind consumers that when choosing decoration companies and construction teams, they should not blindly believe in qualifications, especially beware of construction teams that claim to have advanced qualifications, and check whether their qualifications are affiliated

experts suggest that first, you can verify whether the company is a registered formal company through the Administration for Industry and commerce or the interior decoration Association. If the construction team says it is a project department subordinate to the company, you should ask the construction personnel to produce relevant certificates, such as labor insurance, which can prove whether they belong to the company. When paying the decoration fee, the construction team should be required to show the formal invoice with the official seal of the company

can small decoration companies choose

in addition to the construction team choosing the way of affiliation to obtain qualifications, some small decoration companies will also obtain high-level construction qualifications through affiliation, increasing their brand weight

compared with the construction team, such small companies have a larger scale and more personnel. Some companies even directly enter the community, recruit in the community, build several model rooms, and directly work in the community. Is this small company reliable

insiders said that such small companies that use affiliation can be divided into two situations. One is that they are in the stage of gradual growth and hope to "add icing on the cake" through affiliation. Such companies often have been registered with the Administration for Industry and commerce or member units of the decoration Association. In case of decoration problems, they can also find relevant institutions to safeguard their rights, but other companies confuse the public through affiliation, and their own construction quality and personnel management are not in place

due to the low quotation of small decoration companies and their seemingly small scale, many consumers with limited budgets will consider choosing such companies. Huang Xiangling said that such companies have a large market in the low-end market. When consumers choose, they should first look at whether they have quality, identify the authenticity of qualification, and the most critical thing is to look at the construction company's project





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