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At present, most large houses are equipped with toilets. Having a bathroom in the master bedroom means convenience, but relatively, how to decorate the bathroom in the master bedroom is also a big problem Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the Feng Shui taboos of the decoration of the master bedroom with bathroom and what matters to pay attention to. What are you waiting for? Follow Xiaobian and have a look

Feng Shui taboo for decoration of master bedroom with bathroom

Feng Shui of master bedroom with bathroom should avoid one

everyone knows that the kitchen belongs to fire, while the bathroom belongs to water, and the Yin is very heavy, so the door of the bathroom cannot face the kitchen door, nor the door of the master bedroom. But in many cases, we can't avoid this situation. We can also use bead curtains, large plants and screens to block and dissolve it. Of course, we can also make the bathroom door into a secret door

the master bedroom with toilet should avoid Feng Shui II

nowadays, the toilet usually includes two functions: toilet and bathroom. In Feng Shui, it is generally believed that toilet and bathroom are places that produce corrupt air, so we should pay attention to discharging the bad breath in the toilet to avoid inducing physical diseases

because of the heavy humidity in the bathroom, people living in the master bedroom are easy to get sick for a long time, so we should always keep the bathroom clean and dry. It is best to open the window of the bathroom often, which is conducive to the discharge of pollution and the removal of peculiar smell, which has a great impact on the human body

geomantic omen in the master bedroom with bathroom should avoid three

geomantic omen in the master bedroom with bathroom requires two kinds of geomantic omen in the bedroom and bathroom, so it should be considered in the design. No matter which kind of house will have an unlucky location, it is also very important to place mascots indoors. Mahogany beast heads can be placed in the bathroom. It has the effects of exorcising evil spirits, dissolving evil spirits and removing pollution, which is beneficial to the development of families. The master bedroom with bathroom brings us great convenience, and it can also make the room receive a lot of space, but the bathroom is an unfavorable space after all, so it must be reasonable in design

decoration precautions for master bedroom with bathroom

1. It is best to have a ventilated place in the bathroom. If there is no window, it is also best to have a vent, because the bathroom is a place where dirt is hidden, so it is necessary to maintain air circulation. Resolve; It can be dissolved by putting green plants inside

2. When the door is opened, the toilet and bathroom are not visible, which is not only unsightly, but also against the way of Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that this will lead to a cluster of diseases, and didian Buddhist suggests hanging curtains to resolve it

3. The door of the bathroom cannot be directly facing the bedroom, otherwise the master will be harmful to the health of people in the bedroom, especially women's health, and can be blocked by green plants

4. The bathroom is opposite to the kitchen door, which will affect the health of housewives, and the toilet foul gas is close to things, so people in the room are prone to gastrointestinal diseases, so the solution; A curtain can be hung on a door or green plants can be placed in the middle

5. The bathroom should not be on the left and right sides of the door as soon as it comes in. It is easy to block the God of wealth from entering the house, because the God of wealth will immediately turn around and leave as soon as he smells the filthy smell at the door. The Titian Buddhist suggested putting green plants, hanging curtains or shielding

6. You can't rush the toilet directly to the door. If you rush to the door, you will have physical problems to see who lives in the room opposite. If the opposite is the study, Wenchang will not read well if it is rushed to Wenchang. People who go to school should pay attention to this

some people will attach great importance to the feng shui of the bathroom. They have a good layout design both in decoration and color matching, but some people don't care very much. They think that the bathroom is not important, and they won't invest too much in decoration

Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of master bedroom with bathroom must be paid attention to. For more information about toilet Feng Shui, please continue to pay attention to the information





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