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When purchasing new houses, many Wuhan decoration owners will think about the house type with hanging garden or study in most cases. When decorating, we will think about changing the study or hanging garden into a children's room. After all, every child is a treasure in the hearts of parents, so parents hope to provide the best living environment for their children, so that their children can grow healthily and happily in their own small world. However, do you really understand the planning and decoration of children's room? Never fall into the misunderstanding of ordinary adult decoration, which will have a negative impact on the growth of children. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will sort out what you should pay attention to in the planning and decoration of children's rooms

1. Small houses can also take into account the parent-child space

in small houses, it is not necessary to plan the secondary bedroom into a colorful children's room alone, but to choose adult furniture with slightly gorgeous colors and decorate the children's room with some toys. However, it should be noted that never purchase fragile, hurtful and easily swallowed toy accessories. Secondly, before their love for color is fixed, don't casually decide their favorite colors for children, because children's cognition and love of color have changed a lot. If there is no independent children's room, you can also open up a parent-child space in the corner of the living room or bedroom to build a small playground for your children

2. Planning needs become more flexible

because children are young and have no special preference for color, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on basic decoration when decorating children's rooms. Families with independent children's rooms can use the rooms as children's playgrounds, and pay special attention to safety, such as anti-skid floors and soft bags near the walls. If you plan to lay a carpet, there should be anti slip materials on the back of the carpet, and perhaps the four sides of the carpet should be firmly fixed. Furniture should be safe and interesting, rounded, consolidated, simple and choose solid wood. Of course, you can also choose a wall of the room as your child's graffiti wall. Buying a small blackboard is also a good idea

3. Pay attention to the safety of the circuit

the socket in the children's room must be equipped with an anti electric cover, and the safety socket that can be actively closed after unplugging the plug power hole can be selected. If conditions permit, the circuit of the children's room can plan the circuit alone. Once the child plays alone in the room, the parents can turn off all the power in the room. Do not use floor lamps, floor fans, etc. to prevent children from tripping and getting an electric shock

4. The lighting source of children's room should be "enough and soft"

appropriate and sufficient lighting, which can make the room warm and secure, and help eliminate the fear of children when they are alone. Of course, the lighting light should be soft, and it is necessary to prevent long and rough shadows, glare and exposed light sources. Children's houses or study rooms also need to have corresponding local lighting, so that children can read and write, find books, and search for storage. Perhaps the use of rich lamps and lanterns adds childlike fun to the room

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