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the franchised brand of whole house customization must have the necessary publicity and promotion. If the enterprise cannot provide good services for consumers, cannot open the market, and cannot seize the market without good product reputation, the core of whole house customized furniture lies in the service to consumers. What is customized is the quality of furniture, and ultimately all is service

to make customized furniture for the whole house, it takes a long period of time to look at the sample, door-to-door measuring ruler, product design, revision and finalization, processing and production, door-to-door installation, etc., which basically takes two months to complete. In such a long time, it involves all links such as ordering, production, distribution, door-to-door installation, so the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services are particularly important

in the whole house customization industry, product quality is the core, but for brand promotion, we need perfect services, especially for the developing whole house customization brand, we don't need to think about spending money every day to advertise, but more importantly, we need to serve consumers well, do solid basic skills, and take service as a marketing signboard, which is the best way out for the whole house customization enterprise

no matter how good the product is, service definitely accounts for a lot of factors. Service is experience. Only when the product experience is good, consumers will like it, and they will run around and tell it, and the brand popularity will naturally improve. If we can provide more services than expected when consumers are satisfied, the brand reputation will naturally be promoted. Good service is the best marketing, and service is the king of brand promotion

the market of the whole house customization industry is in a hot period of development, which requires full service for consumers. Only when consumer satisfaction exceeds expectations, can word-of-mouth communication be generated, rather than blindly spending money on brand investment, putting the service cost of advertising on service, doing a good job in service, product word-of-mouth, to some extent, is promoting the brand. Therefore, full house customization and good service are the way to win

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