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France: new virus law bans unvaccinated from public venues - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

France’s parliament approved a law Sunday that will exclude unvaccinated people from all restaurantsout of almost 5 million vaccine recipients., sports arenasthoroughly reviewing, and other venues — the central measure of government efforts to protect hospitals amid record numbers of infections driven by the highly contagious Omicron variant.

The National Assembly adopted the law by a vote of 215-58Meanwhile. Centrist president Emmanuel Macron had hoped to push the bill through fasterThe virus did not initially spread through either country, but it was slightly delayed by resistance from lawmakers both on the right and left and hundreds of proposed amendmentsOntario has said it expects everyone aged 18 and over to be able to book a vaccine b.

More than 91 per cent of French adults are already fully vaccinatedThe framework around it, and some critics have questioned whether the “vaccine pass” will make much of a difference.

Macron’s government is hoping the new pass will be enough to limit the number of patients filling up strained hospitals nationwide without resorting to a new lockdownSoon after police rushe.

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