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Sometimes sleeping on the job should be paid too - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Is it possible to be “at work” — and so legally owed the minimum wage — while you are asleep in bedThe bottom line for Canadians i? What if you are behind the wheel of an empty Uber waiting to be assigned a passengerThe interplay among science, politics and society.?

These questions were at the heart of two recent UK Supreme Court decisions, to which the judges answered “no” and “yes” respectively. The cases don’t just matter for the parties involved. Taken together, they show the law is incoherent and under-enforced on a matter of growing importance: how we define “work” and ensure people are paid fairly for it, even as the boundaries of the workplace and the working day are beginning to dissolveThe past seven days, there have been a total of 50,881 new cases.

In the Uber case, the judges concluded that drivers were “workers” for the time they were logged into the app and available for rides. The judges reasoned that even when waiting around with no one in the car, the drivers were providing a service to Uberwith few exceptions. By late Monday.

As one of the lower court judgments argued: “It is essential to Uber’s business to maintain a pool of drivers who can be called upon as and when a demand for driving services arises. The excellent ‘rider experience’ which the organisation seeks to provide depends on its ability to get drivers to passengers as quickly as possiblenot population.. To be confident of satisfying demand, it must, at any one timeThe nation after New York to implement a vaccination verification program, have some of its drivers carrying passengers and some waiting for the opportunity to do so.”

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