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Clinical application of paper plastic sterile article packaging materials

the hospital disinfection supply center is the central station of sterile articles in the hospital, and it is an important department that provides all kinds of sterile equipment, dressings and other sterile articles to the whole hospital. In order to strengthen the scientific management of the disinfection and supply center, ensure the medical quality, and provide reasonable sterile items for the hospital to meet the needs of clinical treatment and nursing, the central supply room should improve the traditional packaging materials of sterile items according to the characteristics of clinical use, and adopt disposable paper plastic sterilization packaging materials. The paper plastic packaging bag is made of special materials, which has the function of bacterial barrier. The packaged instruments and articles are not only beautiful and perspective, but also can be preserved for at least half a year after sterilization. Taking advantage of the advantages of paper plastic packaging, the instrument package that is necessary in clinic but used very frequently is paper plastic packaging. Now it is introduced as follows

1 paper plastic packaging characteristics

1 1 paper plastic packaging performance

paper plastic packaging materials are suitable for pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization and low-temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization

the storage validity of sterilized items is affected by many factors, such as the performance and quality of packaging materials, the tightness of sealing, the quality of sterilization, storage conditions, transportation methods, hand touch times, etc. The bacteria barrier effect of double-layer plain cotton cloth and open hard containers is limited. At 25 ℃ for 10 ~ 14 days, the wet and rainy season is shorter. Paper plastic packaging materials, with a durable bacterial barrier, can be stored for more than half a year. There are many kinds and large quantities of spare items in the disinfection supply center, but some bags with low frequency of use (such as tracheotomy bags, tracheal cannulas, phlebotomy bags, etc.) are often sterilized frequently due to their short period of validity. The use of paper plastic packaging materials not only extends the validity period and ensures the quality of sterile bags. It should focus on the inspection of the unit quantity of the tension machine amplifier and the safety of clinical use, but also greatly reduces the incidence of consumption of sterilized items, especially bag cloth damage, rubber items adhesion and metal items rust, and extends the service life of items

1. 2 advantages of paper plastic packaging materials

1 2.1 paper plastic packaging material packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> the transparent film is composed of multi-layer composite film, so it has good bacteria resistance, long storage time, and tight sealing in the sealing pressure sealing machine at 150 ~ 180 ℃ and residence time; The pyrogen monitoring, bacterial culture monitoring, chemical indicator card monitoring and other sterilization indicators of various sterilized items meet the requirements

1. 2.2 good penetrability, which can make the sterilized gas penetrate safely, and at the same time, it can discharge the cold air in the package, so as to achieve the effect of thorough sterilization; Good drainage. The paper plastic packaging material weighing 56 ~ 70 g per square meter will not cause the formation of condensed water after steam sterilization; In the sterilization process of high temperature, humidity and heat, the paper has good toughness and will not crack

1. 2.3 the paper plastic packaging bag is printed with two kinds of chemical discoloration indication points of pressure steam and ethylene oxide (equivalent to the function of the chemical indication tape outside the package). From the diagrams of different colors on the appearance, we can clearly distinguish whether this article has been sterilized. It is convenient for management. The name of the package, sterilization date, expiration date, name of the operator and the name of the verifier can be directly written on paper, eliminating the trouble of pasting chemical instruction tape and various labels

1. 2.4 the use of paper and plastic packaging reduces the sterilization cost of various uncommon bags and the loss of articles; Due to the short storage time of items after sterilization in the past, expired items must be cleaned and packaged again. During packaging, suture needles, threads, blades, washed wrapping cloth, chemical indicator cards should be placed in the bag, chemical indicator tapes should be pasted outside the bag, and re sterilization is required to increase the loss of the disinfection center. At present, the types of surgery have increased significantly, the number of sterile bags has increased, and the utilization rate of many rarely used sterile bags is relatively low, but they are still indispensable for the first aid and treatment of clinical departments. Sterilization is time-consuming and laborious. Packaging these bags with paper plastic packaging materials not only has a long storage time, but also the transparent resin has not broken in the strength test of the windscreen device to supply clinical use at any time, and there is no need for repeated sterilization to reduce consumption. After the use of paper plastic packaging materials, it ensures the sufficient reserves of items used in surgery, avoids checking such items every day, reduces the number of hands touching sterile bags, and reduces the number of sterilization of infrequently sterilized items from once a week to once every half a year. With the formulation of this energy and environment development strategy, the repeated sterilization rate is greatly reduced, and the loss rate of sterile items is also reduced

2 problems to be noted

when packaging a single instrument, paper plastic packaging materials with appropriate size should be selected; Sharp tools should be wrapped with small gauze pieces and then put into paper plastic packaging to prevent the packaging bag from being punctured during storage and transportation. When packaging instruments, the remaining space at the end of the seal is slightly larger, and the objects are 3 ~ 5 cm away from the seal, which is convenient to prevent wrinkles of paper and plastic packaging materials when sealing. When the sterilized items are put on the pot, they should be packed in stainless steel baskets, standing on the side. If the plastic is placed horizontally on the top, the water may stay on the plastic surface; The plastic surface shall not be in direct contact with the plastic surface

choose a sealing machine with a temperature of 150 ~ 180 ℃, adjust the temperature at 180 ℃, and the width of the plastic sealing strip is 2 cm. Adopt double-layer sealing to ensure the tightness and anti tension of the sealing

when taking and placing, hold the paper layer flat with your hand. Do not squeeze it when checking the packaging. If there is resistance, it is OK to check whether it is damaged. It is forbidden to put the package upside down, drag it by hand, etc. to prevent one side of the paper from being torn. When using, use the inspection method of paper plastic packaging materials. After sterilization, pay attention to check that the color code becomes pornographic to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy and pocket sealing of the equipment, and pay attention to the moisture-proof and anti puncture of the paper layer. When using, pay attention to check whether there is damage. If there is damage, it is strictly prohibited to use

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reprinted from: Modern Nursing - issue 24, 2006

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