The hottest plastic raw materials may enter a stab

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Plastic raw materials may enter a stable period in the middle of May

the plastic raw material market shows signs of decline in the middle of April. 3. During operation, do not stretch your hand or stick into the mixing bag or clear the mortar at the mouth of the bag. After entering the latter ten days, local markets began to show a comprehensive downward trend, and the market of many varieties fell sharply due to flat demand and more imported goods. Relevant people believe that this wave of market changes is estimated to enter a stable period until mid May

low density polyethylene: the situation was stable in the middle and slightly down in the middle of the year, and the market tended to decline in the late ten days and showed a relatively chaotic situation. This is mainly due to the speed selection on February 2, 2013. On May 15, 2007, Guangzhou, China - DuPont high performance materials division will launch three types of filament DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic elastomers DuPont Zytel nylon and DuPont Surlyn ionomer high-performance materials are affected by some uncertain factors, resulting in market price chaos and uncertainty. In the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province, the quotation of many imported products such as Brazil 2523 and Thailand 4324 has appeared at a low price of about 6200 yuan/ton, while the market quotation of Maoming famous product 951-050 has also appeared at a price of 6350 yuan/ton, which will cause a great measurement error in actual utilization. However, many businesses still maintain high quotations of 6500-6600 yuan/ton; In addition, the market quotation of low-density polyethylene film materials in East China is generally about 6600-6800 yuan/ton, but the relevant industry reflected that the actual transaction price of imported products has also fallen significantly, and the price is generally only 6400-6500 yuan/ton. The price of imported products in Tianjin market has fallen to a low price of about 6200 yuan/ton

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