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Yuyao plastic raw material market is neither hot nor cold

Yuyao plastic raw material market has not changed much, which is basically the continuation of the previous week, in a "neither bull nor bear" state, with light trading and narrow price fluctuations. Several varieties that once strengthened and rebounded in the past few weeks have failed to continue further since then, but have recurred. Some have changed from rising to falling, and some have barely stabilized, showing insufficient stamina, such as low-density polyethylene, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride. However, from the perspective of market conditions, despite the poor trading, the market is still unable to get rid of the weak and sluggish pattern, but the market sentiment is not lax, and most distributors remain confident in the future market and expect business opportunities to reappear. As the peak demand season approaches and domestic demand intensifies, the plastic raw material market will gradually get out of trouble and turn for the better

the situation of low-density polyethylene is not satisfactory, the market appears repeatedly, and the rise cannot be continued, indicating that the stamina is insufficient. The sales price of Q200, q281 and N220 made in Shanghai has fallen behind and stabilized after the previous week, and is now 7400 ~ 7500 yuan (ton price, the same below). The production of 1i2a-1 and 1c7a in Yanshan is 7900 ~ 8000 yuan. Tn26 produced in Qilu, 18D produced in Daqing, 0274 produced in Qatar and 210-6 produced in Singapore were 7300 ~ 7400 yuan, basically unchanged from the previous week. The price of LDPE has stabilized, which is somewhat fragile because the effective demand is still quite weak. A peak season of film production has not really come yet. In the case of volatile market, users dare not prepare for storage in batches. They use and buy now, and the quantity is limited. Second, although dealers have confidence in the future market, they are cautious in actual operation and are unwilling to stock up in large quantities. Therefore, in terms of transactions, sporadic transactions continue, large-scale transactions are rare, and the actual trading volume is limited. According to the analysis, micro cracks may be caused by large stress concentration. On the surface, the rise and fall of the price of low-density polyethylene depends on the adjustment of the factory price of the manufacturer, but in essence, the market plays a decisive role. For example, the price rise in the early stage not only did not stimulate the market, but suppressed demand, resulting in a "too high and too few" situation, which forced manufacturers to reduce the ex factory price, resulting in the non continuation of the rise. Another reason for the short-term prosperity of low-density polyethylene is that the international market is still relatively depressed. At present, in the Asian market, the quotation level of Korean suppliers is about $650 (CFR China), while another middleman quotes $620 ~ 630 (CFR China) for the goods at the end of August. Low price imported products have a competitive advantage for the domestic market. However, given that there are not too many sources of goods on the market at present, the equipment maintenance of some petrochemical production enterprises has not been completed, and the inventory is not high. With the gradual amplification of domestic demand, the price of low-density polyethylene is unlikely to fall sharply in the short term

the price of linear low-density polyethylene was basically stable, and a few imported products fell slightly. Last week, the market trading price was 6900 ~ 7000 yuan. Contrary to people's expectations, the market demand has not increased significantly, but narrowed. In addition, imported products have arrived one after another, and the supply of goods is excessive, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand. The key is that the peak season of film (including agricultural film and mulch film) production is coming, but it has not really come yet. Most users are unwilling to prepare materials in advance, and the market entry is limited. On the other hand, there was a wait-and-see mentality among the distributors, which led to relatively cold transactions last week. It is reported that although the price of LLDPE in the Asian market has basically not changed, the transaction is in a static state, because most buyers are taking a wait-and-see attitude, waiting for China's tax cuts, sellers expect demand growth and price increases, while domestic sellers also have the same mentality. It is estimated that the linear low density polyethylene market will be stable before the peak demand season

the price of HDPE fell steadily. Last week's market price: wire drawing materials (Yanshan, Daqing, Yangzi, Lanhua, South Korea 5000S, E308) were 7100 ~ 7300 yuan, injection plastics (Dushanzi 6070, Panjin 5070, Daqing 2200j, Fushun 2908) were 6700 ~ 7000 yuan, film materials (Jinfei tr144, Qilu 6098, Yangzi 7000F, South Korea F600) were 7200 ~ 7450 yuan, hollow materials (Jinfei 5502, Yanshan and Yangzi 5200b, South Korea b303) were 7100 ~ 7300 yuan. Judging from the market trading situation last week, the overall sales of HDPE showed signs of softening, especially the wire drawing materials and film materials, which were originally sold well, weakened significantly, and the price also fell. There are many reasons. First, the demand is not strong. The number of end-users entering the market has not increased, but also decreased. Especially, the transactions of large-scale goods have decreased significantly. General users also choose products with lower prices by using and buying them now. Second, as Yangzi Petrochemical resumed production and imported products gradually reached the point where uncertainty evaluation should be carried out if necessary, market resources increased significantly. Third, the international market not only did not rise significantly, but also was relatively low. The drawing material was $570 ~ 610 (CFR China), the injection plastic was $570 ~ 590 (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia), the film material 5 constituted the Research Report of $90 ~ 610 (CFR far East/Southeast Asia), and the hollow material was $590 ~ 610 (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia). Compared with the domestic market, there is a big gap. Therefore, it is difficult for HDPE prices to rise, and it is estimated that the market will be in a state of wandering in the future

the polypropylene market remained at the level of the previous week. Last week's price: homopolymer grade flat wire material 6000 ~ 6200 yuan, homopolymer grade film material 6900 yuan, copolymer grade injection plastic 6700 ~ 7000 yuan. Although the peak season of production and consumption is coming, there is still no good news in the polypropylene market. The transaction is flat, and the demand has decreased or not increased. Relatively speaking, the sales of copolymer grade injection molding materials last week was slightly better than that of homopolymer grade flat silk materials, but there was not much improvement. However, the price competition among manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. The same homopolymer T30S has a maximum ex factory price of 6050 yuan and a minimum of 5600 yuan, with a price difference of 450 yuan

however, the polypropylene market in the international market is still relatively stable. The quotation level of several Korean manufacturers for injection molding grade/wire drawing grade goods in August was $520 ~ 530 (CFR China), and the final transaction price was $510 ~ 520 (CFR China). Therefore, the relevant industry believes that the polypropylene market will not change much in the short term, and will be dominated by stability

the market situation of PVC is somewhat similar to that of LDPE. The price rises but cannot continue, and tends to decline again. At present, the price quoted by merchants for ordinary powder is still 5300 ~ 5400 yuan, which is actually difficult to clinch a deal, while the market price in Guangzhou has been callback to about 5200 yuan. Last week, the overall price level was relatively stable, basically unchanged from the previous week. After a short period of prosperity, the PVC market returned to the consolidation stage, eliminating "hype moisture" and adjusting prices appropriately, which is a normal phenomenon. Although the quotation level in the international market is still relatively low, staying between $450 and $470, it has little impact on the domestic market. Judging from the early competition, not all dealers participated, and small and medium-sized users accounted for a large proportion. This shows that the PVC market has shown signs of start-up, coupled with the low inventory pressure of manufacturers, social resources are not too much. Therefore, the subsequent market will be mainly stable

polystyrene market last week, the market quotation of ordinary grade polystyrene and high impact grade polystyrene were 5900 ~ 6400 yuan and 6200 ~ 6700 yuan respectively, down about 100 yuan from the previous week. The price change of polystyrene can be said to be quite comic. It rose last week and fell last week. This shows that the price increase is a joint move of manufacturers and dealers, and there is no market foundation. It may be tentative, but the conditions are not yet ripe, because the upstream styrene monomer price has rebounded, but the range is limited, and it is in a weak state of desire, while the downstream market is seriously depressed, far from being improved, and the demand for polystyrene is still weak. From the perspective of market transactions, there are still not many users entering the market, but people have a glimmer of hope for the upcoming peak demand season. It is estimated that the polystyrene market will not change much in the near future

abs resin prices show signs of rising, but the strength is limited. The price of domestic ordinary ABS remained unchanged at about 8400 yuan; Imported products rose slightly, now 8800 ~ 8900 yuan; Taiwan, China Qimei 757 fell back by 100 yuan to 9900 yuan. The quotation of foreign investors has increased to 800 US dollars (CFR China's main port), while at present, the purchase price of most buyers in Asia for the second half of August/September is 750 ~ 760 US dollars (CFR China/Hong Kong, China/Southeast Asia). Judging from the current signs, the price of ABS resin has been at the bottom and seems to be brewing back

the upcoming peak consumption season may drive the demand for ABS resin to rise, and the upward trend in the international market quotation will play a driving role. However, the current market demand for ABS resin is still insufficient, so the subsequent market is not clear

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