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Plastic raw materials should avoid transportation pollution

polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic raw materials. At present, most of them are produced by large enterprises in China. The process is relatively advanced and standardized. Generally, the products themselves will not have quality problems, but the manufacturers are subject to complaints about quality problems from users from time to time. From what we have learned so far, most of these complaints reflect problems such as short weight, impurities and even garbage caused by product packaging damage. Users are naturally annoyed by accelerating the development of "integrated design and manufacturing" for the fuselage and tail structure of cr929 aircraft. Most of the plastic raw materials are milky white small particles, and users are expected to be unable to pick them one by one by 2020 when using them. Usually, the whole bag of materials is poured into the extruder. Once the material is mixed with impurities, the plastic products produced will be discarded

therefore, the problems in packaging and transportation are the key to the quality of plastic raw materials, which must be solved as soon as possible, otherwise the reputation of the enterprise will be damaged and the sales of its products will be affected. From the production of plastic raw materials to the use of users, there are many processes, and each process should pay attention to quality. At present, there are two main methods for packaging plastic raw materials. One is to use woven bags. When the strength of the woven bag is enough, the stitching strength becomes the main factor affecting the packaging quality. The type of sewing thread (cotton thread, polyester thread), the thickness of the thread (linear density), the number of strands of the thread (twist and twist direction) will affect whether the seam is firm. The other is FFS blown film packaging, which has been developed in China in recent years. It can realize the continuous and automatic completion of multiple processes and operation processes such as output molding filling sealing, but sometimes the sealing is not firm

almost all large enterprises producing plastic raw materials have automatic packaging lines, and packages of products packaged are neatly stacked in the warehouse, but when loading and transporting, some appear to be in a mess. The porters throw them on the car casually, and there is a burst of dumping when unloading, and even the strongest bags will be broken. Many domestic plastic raw material manufacturers are in the northeast and northwest, while the consumption is concentrated in East China, so train transportation is inevitable

trains are usually transported in containers, but when the railway transportation capacity is insufficient, gondola cars transporting coal are often used for transportation. This kind of gondola car transports plastic products with one drawback: it is very difficult to clean the carriage that has transported coal, and the accumulated coal scraps between the gaps of the carriage body will drill into the packaging bags of plastic products from time to time. Especially in winter, the coal with water is frozen in the cracks of the carriage. In the south, the climate is warming, and the melted coal water is easy to enter the bags containing plastic and pollute the plastic products. In the face of various problems in the packaging and transportation of plastic raw materials, practical measures are needed to solve them. Relevant enterprises should pay as much attention to product packaging as they pay to product production itself. In view of the insufficient fastness of packaging, they should carefully organize technical research, professional, origin, internationalization and other advantages, so that the "plastic fair" will gradually grow into a national brand exhibition, and strengthen inspection, so as to prevent a bag of products that are not tightly sealed and mixed with impurities from leaving the factory

plastic raw materials should adopt the form of collective packaging as far as possible, that is, several bags of products form a group, implement centralized transportation and mechanized operation, and if possible, realize door-to-door transportation, which can not only effectively protect products, but also make up for the shortcomings of packaging itself. Under the existing conditions, we should also actively find ways to avoid the damage of transportation and other links to product quality. It is reported that Daqing Petrochemical Storage and transportation company has specially made a batch of cushion bags. Before plastic materials are loaded into the train carriage, the carriage is covered first, so that the residues in the carriage will not affect the products of its own enterprise. Such an approach is worth learning from

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