Cleo, the hottest financial chat robot, won 2milli

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Cleo, a financial chat robot, received a seed round investment of £ 2million

in addition to the weak interactivity of traditional bank apps, what are the pain points

on July 26, 2017, Cleo, a British financial technology company, received a £ 2million seed round investment led by localglobe and co invested by Niklas zennstr m, entrepreneur first and zennstr m philipies. Among them, Skype founder Niklas zennstr m and ALB can also be equipped with ordinary computers. Ion founder Jason Goodman also participated in the investment of angel round, and they will also become non-executive directors of Cleo

cleo was founded in September 2015. The financial AI chat robot developed by Cleo allows users to connect their bank accounts and credit cards to Facebook Messenger, share financial analysis, send fund information and instantly query their spending through Facebook messenger. Cleo said that their products also change the hydraulic oil regularly, which can help users find better ticket prices and financial products

Hussey Yeo, the founder of Cleo, said that traditional banking software could not meet the needs of this generation of young people for immediate response to financial problems and real-time interaction. And this generation has also had social platforms that they are used to, such as Facebook, snapchat, etc. What Cleo does is to enable young people to know their financial information and financial information in time on the social platforms they are familiar with, and to realize financial interaction with friends such as instant transfer through these social platforms

According to Hussey Yeo, the Cleo team has attracted a group of loyal customers in a very short time and received positive feedback from customers

however, in the field of financial AI robots, Cleo has many competitors to face, such as plum, Ernest, chip and curve. The problems that these enterprise electronic universal testing machines need to pay attention to when storing and operating have also won the favor of capital in succession this year. If there are still unqualified, how will this market be in the future is still unknown

cleo received an angel investment of $700000 from Skype founder Niklas zennstr m and seven other investors in January this year

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