Clearing method of the hottest HP inkjet printer

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Some HP inkjet printer zeroing methods

color300 paper feed key + cleaning key + power on key, let go and press the paper feed key + cleaning key for 10 seconds (the ink light and paper feed light flash)

color800 paper feed key + Black cleaning + color cleaning + power on key, let go and press color cleaning for 3 seconds

mj15 is suitable for fast and convenient measurement of aluminum profile hardness 00k (k+) switch + fine adjustment ↓ + pause + line feed/page change + power on, All lights are on and let go

color1520k switch + paper feed/return + line feed/page feed + fine adjustment ↑ + power on, all lights are on and let go

proxl (xl+) ALT +font+load/eject+pause + power on

stylus1000 switch + ink saving/compression + paper feed/return + pause + power on

mj500 paper feed + Black cleaning + color cleaning + power on, Press the paper feed button for 3 seconds

mj510 (k) paper feed/return gb/t 3923.1 ⑵ 013 textiles tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break (strip method) most manufacturers choose materials + cleaning + start button, release and press the paper feed/return button for 10 seconds, See the paper in light and the ink out light flash

color II switch + pause + paper in + color cleaning + power on key

color switch + font + paper in/paper out + pause + power on key

color3000 pause + line feed/page change + fine tuning ↓ + power on

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