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In the first half of June, the prices of low-density and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene rose slightly in the northeast, North China and northwest plastic raw material markets of China, while the prices of linear low-density polyethylene, polystyrene and ABS stopped rising and stabilized, and the price of vinyl chloride should not be greater than 0.5mm

PVC ex factory price, Jinhua Group loose type 3 8100 yuan (sample preparation ton price, the same below), loose type 5 8050 yuan, loose type 8 8200 yuan; Tianjin Chemical Plant loose type 3, 5, 7 and 8 8000 ~ 8100 yuan; Siping Lianhua Company loose type 3 8200 yuan, loose type 5 7900 yuan; Heilongjiang Qihua group loose type 5 7850 yuan. All of the above fell by 100 ~ 200 yuan compared with the second half of May

the ex factory price of LDPE in Daqing Petrochemical Company is 9500 yuan for f18d (film material), m18d (plastic injection), 18 No. 3: touch a and 18e (heavy package loading); Lanzhou Petrochemical Company m13d (plastic injection) 9550 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 1i2a (plastic injection) is 9050 yuan, 1f7b (film material) is 9350 yuan, 1c7a (coating material) and 1i50a (flower material) are 9700 yuan, LD100 and ld150 (film material) are 9100 yuan, ld100ac (film material) is 9550 yuan, ld160as/BW (film material) is 9200 yuan, LD165 and ld160 (film material) are 9300 yuan, ld605 (plastic injection) is 9000 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical tn00/26 (film material) 9450 ~ 9700 yuan. Compared with the second half of May, Daqing rose 300 yuan; Lanzhou rose 250 yuan; Qilu rose 50-200 yuan; Yanshan 1i2a rose by 50 yuan, 1c7a rose by 200 yuan, and the other brands remained unchanged

the ex factory price of high-density polyethylene in Fushun Petrochemical Company is 8750 yuan for 2908 and 2909 (plastic injection), 8800 yuan for 2911 and 2909fs (plastic injection), and 8850 yuan for 2911fs (plastic injection); Liaoyang Petrochemical Company 5000S (wire drawing material) 8100 yuan to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; L055p (plastic steel filler) 8300 yuan; 5000S (wire drawing material), grade J material and 2600J (plastic injection) of Daqing Petrochemical Company are 9100 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 5000S is 9200 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company is 9150 yuan for 5000S, 9100 yuan for 5200b (hollow material) and 9350 yuan for 6100m (pipe material); Qilu Petrochemical Company 6098 (thin film material) 9800 yuan, 6145 (small hollow material) 9550 yuan, 1158 (large and medium empty material), 2480 (tube material) are all 10000 yuan. Compared with the second half of May, Fushun rose 300 yuan; Daqing and Lanzhou both rose 100 yuan; Liaoyang 5000S rose by 100 yuan, and l055p remained unchanged; Yanshan 5000S rose 150 yuan, 6100m rose 550 yuan, 5200b fell 100 yuan; Qilu 6098, 1158 and 2480 increased by 200 ~ 300 yuan, while 6145 remained unchanged. Daqing, Lanzhou, Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S mainstream price 9100 ~ 9200 yuan, up 100 ~ 150 yuan

the ex factory price of linear low-density polyethylene is 8860 yuan for Jihua company 7042 (granular material), 8950 yuan for Daqing Petrochemical Company 7042 and 7041 (film material) and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 101aa (film material), and 9100 yuan for Qilu Petrochemical Company 7042. Compared with the second half of May, Jihua fell by 100 yuan, Daqing and Lanzhou remained unchanged, Qilu rose by 100 yuan, and the price was adjusted in a narrow range around 9000 yuan

polypropylene ex factory price, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company F401 (wire drawing material) 8450 yuan; Liaoyang Petrochemical Company 5004 (wire drawing material) 8100 yuan, 70218 (fiber material), 71735 (cigarette tow material), 70126 (coating material) 8200 yuan; Fushun Petrochemical Company T30S (wire drawing material) 8500 yuan, T38F (film material), Z30S, h30s-2 (fiber material) 8600 yuan; T30S and Z30S of Daqing Petrochemical Company are 8450 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 2401 (wire drawing material) 8600 yuan, S1003 (wire drawing material) 8270 yuan, 4240 (tube material) 8500 yuan, k7726 (special material for washing machine) 8800 yuan, k8303 (plastic injection) 9200 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company T30S is 8700 yuan, T36F (BOPP film material) 8800 yuan, EPS30R (plastic injection) 9000 yuan; Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company T30S is 8450 yuan, Z30S is 8200 yuan, EPS30R (plastic injection) is 8750 yuan, epf30r (plastic injection) is 8550 yuan; Jinzhou Petrochemical Company powder 7900 yuan. Compared with the second half of May, Lanzhou and Liaoyang both increased by 100 yuan; Fushun rose 200 yuan; Daqing rose 150 yuan; Qilu rose 100-250 yuan; Jinzhou rose 50 yuan; Yanshan 2401 and S1003 increased by 120 ~ 150 yuan, k8303 increased by 600 yuan, k7726 remained unchanged, and 4240 fell by 400 yuan; Dushanzi has not changed. The selling price of Liaoyang is low, while that of Qilu is slightly higher. The mainstream price of F401 and T30S wire drawing materials is 8450 ~ 8500 yuan

the ex factory price of polystyrene is 8600 yuan in Daqing Petrochemical Company 200D, 9600 yuan in Fushun Petrochemical Company 825 and Yanshan Petrochemical Company 666d, and the price is basically stable

abs ex factory price, Jihua 0215a is 11410 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company 750sw, 750 is 11900 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 301 is 11500 yuan, 301w is 11400 yuan. Compared with the second half of May, Jihua and Lanzhou remained unchanged, while Daqing rose by 200 yuan, and the price still rose slightly. The current price of butadiene exceeded 10000 yuan, the prices of styrene and acrylonitrile were high, and the upstream raw materials rose sharply, but ABS failed to respond, and the price stopped rising and stabilized

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