Clinical application of the hottest paper plastic

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Clinical application of paper plastic packaging autoclave

key words: paper plastic packaging; Sterilization; Sterile bag

the currently used double-layer cotton bag is far from meeting the clinical needs due to the shortcomings of cotton with particles and short shelf life. In the past two years, our hospital has developed paper plastic packaging sterilization bags, which have been put into clinical use and achieved satisfactory results

1 materials and methods

high temperature and low temperature paper plastic packaging bags and sealing machines are used. Use a single instrument, such as stitching shears, tissue shears, and special instruments that are not commonly used in the operating room; The first-aid kit always available in the Department, such as phlebotomy kit and tracheotomy kit. According to the size of instruments and bags, paper and plastic bags with different widths are selected and put into the chemical indicator card. After sealing with a sealing machine, the expiration date and sterilization date are pasted on the end of the plastic surface close to the sealing. The sealed paper plastic bag can be put into the sterilizer by changing the location of the experimental machine. We should try to avoid this factor, and sterilize it with a pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer

2 results

2 1 advantages

because the paper plastic bag is heat sealed by polyester propylene transparent film and special paper, the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer has good drying effect, and the packaging bag effectively blocks the entry of external dust and water, so that the sterile bag is in a dry environment of sterile growth for a long time. It can greatly extend the shelf life of sterile bags. The validity period can even reach half a year. After a single instrument is packaged in paper and plastic, the clinical chemical immersion disinfection and sterilization method can be cancelled, which not only reduces the cost of chemical disinfection, but also relieves the inconvenience and potential hidden dangers of chemical disinfection and sterilization. The paper plastic first-aid kit, phlebotomy kit and tracheotomy kit can be directly stored on the ambulance of the clinical department. The side with the label faces outward, which is convenient for the clinical department nurse to check, and reduces the chance of touching and dragging with the hand touch switch in the fast reverse gear. Due to the long validity period, the replacement times are greatly reduced, and the workload of cleaning, packaging, sterilization, etc. in the supply room is reduced

2. 2. Precautions for use

when packaging a single instrument, choose a paper plastic bag of appropriate size. If it is a sharp tool, it should be wrapped with small gauze pieces to prevent the packaging bag from being punctured during storage and transportation; When packaging the instrument package, pay attention to the slightly larger residual space at the end of the rear seal, which is convenient for sealing to prevent wrinkles in the paper and plastic bags, resulting in sealing failure. Check the sealing condition of the bag after sterilization to prevent bag breakage; When used in the clinical department, it is forbidden to put the bag upside down until it is normal to drag or pull it by hand to prevent one side of the paper from being torn; When using, use the inspection method of plastic packaging bags for components of fishing gear, including discarded or lost fishing nets, ropes, etc., and pay attention to check whether there is damage. If there is damage, it is strictly prohibited to use

author/Liu Chengjun, Li Rong

the 180th Hospital of the people's Liberation Army

source: Medical Journal

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