The hottest plastic raw material market continues

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The plastic raw material market continues to be depressed

in recent days, affected by the continuous decline of international crude oil prices, the prices of several petrochemical plastic raw materials have declined to varying degrees. At present, the market atmosphere is poor, and the majority of onlookers. At present, market participants generally believe that there is little downward space. At present, the profits of individual products are limited. It is useless to ship at a low price. How to test the carburized layer of metal and there are still articles to be done in the market before May Day. Many parties expressed a certain degree of confidence. The short side also hopes to enter the market at the end of the year and expects the crude oil price to give a certain psychological support. However, due to the long-term sluggish transaction and the preferential policies issued by petrochemical manufacturers today, the possibility of continued decline cannot be ruled out in the short term. Due to the impact of trade operations during the May Day holiday, it should be evenly matched

at present, the main factors that are greatly affected by the fluctuation of oil prices are PP and PE. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of Komen's growth and rapid growth. P it can be said that during the operation of microcomputer, machine enterprises in China have expanded the opening up of emerging markets for extruders, such as VC, styrene, etc

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