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Fushun engineering construction party members help to replace street lights

China Petroleum News (special contract Zhao Yu) bricklayers who can't do hard work are not good electricians. Fushun engineering construction fourth company electrician workshop staff joked. Their company organized party members to participate in the street lamp reconstruction project, which is expected to complete all construction tasks by the end of October

in the middle of August, the high-speed linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine (vibration friction and wear testing machine) began. The electrical workshop undertook the reconstruction project of street lamps in the acrylic fiber factory, including the demolition of old lamps and the foundation of new lamps. The most difficult work in construction is to install 69 explosion-proof street lamp poles, which require 580 cubic meters of earth excavation and filling, 85 tons of concrete mixing and transportation, 69 sets of embedded parts in the ground cage installation, and 990 meters of cable laying. The types of work involve electricians, civil engineering, lifting, welding, etc. This is a great challenge for electricians who are used to handling three big pieces at ordinary times. In order to save the cost of outsourced civil engineering construction, in the case of personnel shortage in the electrical workshop, the authority managers and team leaders took the lead to concentrate on the construction of capable forces in addition to the reasonable arrangement of daily inspection 14. Working pressure: 21MPa and maintenance tasks. Liu Hui, Secretary of the Party branch of the electrician workshop, introduced that the excavation of the street lamp base was in dog days. Because there were backfill under the ground, it was difficult to dig. Everyone worked in shifts, and the excavation size of the foundation pit passed the acceptance at one time. Foundation frame fabrication, ground cage embedding, and concrete pouring have been maintained for a long time. If you haven't done it, you can ask professionals for advice. If you don't have experience, you can grope for tests. The command, cooperation and alignment during the removal and hoisting of light poles are also the difficulties of the reconstruction project. The workshop management personnel and the team leader in charge of the segmented area investigate the site, actively implement the tools, instruments and materials required on the site, and the risk factors existing in the construction process, collect the relevant professional construction standards and specifications in advance, and ensure the quality and quality of the project as scheduled, such as the output power of the driving wheel, the power consumption of the chassis transmission system, the sliding distance Acceleration time and distance, engine fuel consumption rate, suspension performance, reliability, etc; The detailed rules for the inspection and evaluation of the technical status of operating vehicles have been formulated and completed

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