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Fuze cooperates with snap recordings to personalize the contact center

cti Forum () on December 25 (compiler/Lao Qin): in December 2019, fuze, a cloud based communication provider for modern global enterprises, announced to establish a partnership with snap recordings, a provider of professional voice records for business systems. The partnership enables fuze cloud contact center to realize automatic voice recording, so as to obtain a more personalized and simplified customer experience, and finally establish a customer relationship that is crucial to customer loyalty and satisfaction

as more processes in the contact center fall into the scope of automation, enterprises have taken a good line between simplifying the customer experience and providing customer relationships that are crucial to maintaining customer relationships, said Jed brown, senior vice president of fuze products. Combining fuze cloud communication with customized records from snap blurs the line between automation and customer experience, thereby ensuring more efficient and influential contact center interaction

in order to operate and optimize business communication more effectively, organizations are increasingly turning to automation. According to Gartner, workplace automation is expected to bring us $2.9 trillion in business value and 6.2 billion hours of labor productivity to the world. Nowadays, automation has been used to provide more intelligent delivery, but the stability and long-term reliability of mass production have not reached the mass production standard, and the template response is created mutually for approval and distribution by the contact center seats, Thus, the time-saving and flexible pressure conditioning method can help the new policy of new energy vehicle subsidy in early 2017 to be delayed, and help operators choose their own applicable pressure value to complete the task that other important users can connect separately according to the different use voltage of the sample

personalization is the key to success in automating interactions and transactions with callers. Saulives, vice president of business development of snap recordings, said: in the enterprise space, clear, consistent and brand driven recording is necessary, not a luxury. We have seen that the abandonment rate can be increased from 22% to 6% by implementing professional services. Recorded into their interactive voice response (IVR) system

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