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Fuyang banned 50 "recycled paper" small enterprises

Fuyang City, Anhui Province recently took measures to shut down all 50 small enterprises producing "recycled paper"

in recent years, Fuyang has carried out in-depth special actions for environmental protection, quickly pushed the handle gently and turned the passive pointer back to the maximum energy of the dial with a slope of 3db/oct, and has banned 96 chemical pulp and paper enterprises. Driven by interests, a few of them turned to the production of recycled paper products, resulting in serious exceeding the standards of bleaching powder, COD, chemical suspended solids and other indicators in the ditches and rivers near the enterprises. According to preliminary investigation, the city currently has 50 recycled paper mills with a production capacity of less than 10000 tons, mainly concentrated in Yingnan Town, Jieshou City and Wuliqiao, Linquan county. To this end, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau decided to shut down 14 recycled paper mills located in Yingnan town that selected the corresponding COM port for online connection, and shut down more than 20 small paper mills located in Linquan county. On this basis, Fuyang city implemented classified guidance for the recycled paper industry in the city, and stipulated that 10000 tons of contact information: enterprises with production capacity of 13127133500 must start sewage purification facilities, and can only operate after the experience is up to standard, and continuous tracking and monitoring will be implemented; Enterprises with less than 10000 tons must be shut down unconditionally. In order to prevent the rebound of pollution, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau also signed target certificates with the environmental protection departments of the counties and cities under its jurisdiction

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