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Fujin Doosan excavator () message consultation - [Select Doosan excavator machinery]

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product brand Doosan excavator product model Dx200 production City Hefei shipping City Hefei total supply 1 minimum order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement product details

Fujin Doosan excavator () message consultation - [Select Doosan excavator machinery] Sales: Manager lOOO Zheng, before excavator construction, pay attention to the surrounding environment and check whether the construction site is softened. The general method is to poke it down with a bamboo pole. If there are many bamboo poles, they will be poked quickly. There is no resistance within 1 meter, indicating that the whole is muddy. Ordinary excavators are easily trapped and cannot be built. 2. Before the rainy season construction in mountainous areas, it is necessary to observe whether there are landslides, landslides and debris flows on the mountains. First, observe whether there are mountain fractures, unreasonable excavation, unreasonable spoil, slag, quarrying, whether the vegetation grows well, and whether the landscape is cloudy. 3. During the construction process, if you feel that the excavator has begun to sink, please stop the construction in time, find the support point and support the body with the boom to prevent further sinking. Drive the excavator in the same way, and do not drive in the other direction. 4. Always be vigilant during work. Keep the lights, work lights, ceiling lights, instrument lights, wipers, etc. working normally during night shift to ensure safety. Doosaninfracore had a market share of 9.0% in the last month, ranking fourth after Sany, caterpillar and XCMG. In February this year, China's excavator market share was 10.5%, which is the high market share since 2012. Doosaninfracore not only pursues quantitative development, but also strengthens high-quality sales centered on high-quality customers, improves cash flow and strengthens stability. As of March, when customers purchased equipment, they paid or paid more than 30% of the advance payment with 84% of the sales (more than 30% of the advance payment, paid within 24 months), a significant increase of 55% compared with last year. In this cold drip free condition, the exposed skin soon becomes unbearable. At this time, two engineers also need to dismantle the pipeline. The oil coming out of hands and body is cold and biting. They chose a wide cable tie in the factory, and the use of material testing machine is limited to a few fields such as metal, but in the cold environment, when the force is slightly inappropriate

. After the construction, the excavator must be parked in a safe area in a high residential area, away from possible dangerous areas, such as landslides and river rise, and ensure that the excavator has enough oil to start evacuation. After entering the rainy season, frequent hurricanes and showers, flash floods, landslides and other natural disasters have a great impact on the construction of excavators. If you are not careful about the tragedy, you should pay attention to it during and after the construction. What is the high temperature phenomenon of oil pump and cylinder valve of micro excavator? 1. The excavator system pressure is too high. 2. The excavator lacks oil supply. 3. The height of pressure regulation of unloading valve leads to overheating of various valves of excavator oil pump, oil motor and cylinder. 4. The efficiency of excavator oil pump is low. 5. There are problems in the oil cooling system, resulting in overheating of various valves of the excavator oil pump, oil motor and oil cylinder. 1. Restart the approval of urban rail transit project. After a year of suspension, the approval of the urban rail transit project was restarted in July. It realizes the charging and safe storage of electrical appliances, and sets the quick start switch of the air conditioner, which makes the operation more convenient. The low-noise heat dissipation system designed in the cab greatly reduces the external noise. It's comfortable to sit inside and operate the excavator, not to mention how comfortable it is. What about the reliability of Doosan dx220lc-9c excavator? Doosan dx220lc-9c excavator uses advanced computer three-dimensional design and has undergone many reliability tests, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment and creates more added value for customers and technicians all night long. For example, its multiple oil filtration system and three-layer worry system enhance the fuel filtration performance and improve the reliability. At the same time, the engine is more adaptable to low-quality oil, which improves the ability to reduce the failure rate and greatly saves maintenance costs. Another example is the strengthening degree of the large and small arms, and the integrated design of the base plate of the boom, which reduces the welding points of the large and small arms, improves the structure to avoid stress concentration, and enhances the stability and durability of the structure of the large and small arms through the thickness of the key parts

longhaoxing machinery a9e26s729wq2x ended the activity, and two customers entered 51 times in many regions across the country have experienced the new products of Doosan 9C series excavators closely. Mr. lichuande, who has been engaged in municipal engineering for a long time from Changsha, is an important user of Doosan excavators and has purchased 6 Doosan excavators. After getting the news of the trial, Li Chuande contacted Doosan's agent in Changsha Changsha Hengxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. at the first time, and decided to buy the same series of dx150lc-9c excavators with different tonnage less than 3 weeks after the introduction of the test pieces. When asked about the experience of the trial product, Li Chuande confidently said that we are very familiar with the product performance of Doosan. Compared with the previous models, the appearance and performance of the DXC excavator in this trial have changed greatly, with a larger cab space and a better vision. It is particularly worth mentioning that the DXC with EFI engine is more economical than the previous generation of the same tonnage model

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