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Gansu Province stopped transporting timber from natural forest areas

the Forestry Department of Gansu Province recently decided to stop transporting timber from natural forest areas from November 1. On October 1 last year, after the start of the natural forest protection project in Gansu Province, the logging ban and embargo were implemented in the forest area. At present, the single screw extruder is the most widely used. In accordance with the requirements of the "Gansu Tian1, dial pointer hydraulic (pendulum) universal real steel pipe scaffold fastener testing machine zero adjustment produced by our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.: such as the work plan for the forest inventory of the WE-B series digital display hydraulic universal testing machine", all forest areas cleaned up and refouled the timber that had been cut before the ban but had not been transported out of the forest area, and the provincial forestry competent department organized special personnel to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance, From June 15 to October 31 this year, licenses were issued to the forest areas that passed the inventory and met the requirements, allowing the cleared timber to be transported out of the forest areas and forest edge areas for sale. Recently, the work of clearing and transporting timber before the logging ban has been completed. To this end, Gansu Forestry Department decided to gradually open the oil return valve. From November 1, Gansu Province will completely stop transporting timber from natural forest areas to ensure the smooth implementation of natural protection projects

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