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Fujian Komatsu strengthens internal training to enhance the quality and ability of employees

Fujian Komatsu strengthens the internal torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine, which plays a very important role in the production process of all torsion bars. The Department trains and enhances the quality and ability of Jinan Times cement pipe ring stiffness testing machine workers

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on April 6-9, 2015, the internal training organized by Fujian Komatsu was successfully carried out in Fuzhou headquarters, This training involves many aspects, and the needs of the company's employees will be met. In order to better improve the overall skill level of the company, meet the strategic needs of the company, improve the ability of employees, and create a learning atmosphere for all employees, the company set up this training team to impart knowledge and skills in a targeted manner. This training 1 is backward in technical reserves and process control. The training contents include: the current situation of construction machinery, the progressiveness of new products, service maintenance, etc

training is the most valuable win-win investment of the company, that is, it not only improves the efficiency and value of the company's output to benefit the enterprise, but also enhances the overall quality and ability of the company's employees to benefit the majority of employees. It has become the best gift given to employees by the company. An elastic element is a change at a certain point ε It is proportional to the force on the elastic element

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