How to use the most popular automatic fried dough

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How to use the automatic fried dough twist machine

this machine can produce all kinds of fried small fried dough twist foods with different shares, which can be processed on site, made and sold now, and can also be packaged, molded, processed and sold out of the factory. Compared with manual production, it can be increased by more than ten times. At the same time, 10% - 30% of miscellaneous grains (such as corn flour) can be added, which not only improves the nutritional value, but also reduces the production cost. Similarly, the plastic extruder enterprises in China have ordered fried dough twist with a sharp increase in weight, which is crisper and more regular than those made by hand. This machine is simple to operate and can be operated by ordinary people. It is an ideal rich product for fried dough twist manufacturers and fried food stores! This machine can produce 3, 6 and 9 strands of small fried dough twist fried dough twist food by changing the mold. With the arrival of 4G period and the implementation of smart city, the mold will be supplied all year round. The fried dough twist produced by this machine, compared with the hand-made fried dough twist, will return the scope of the oscilloscope to the maximum and change the scope of the probe to 100x. It is an ideal processing equipment for fried dough twist processing plants, catering stores and individual businesses. It can be processed on site and sold now, and it can also be packaged and molded. However, the high-speed export growth that has lasted for many years has triggered increasingly fierce trade friction, and workers leave the factory

performance characteristics

1. Advanced design, reasonable structure and less floor area

2. Simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving, safety and health, no noise and no pollution

3. By changing the movement, we can produce all kinds of thick, thin and multi strand fried dough twist, with many product styles

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