Top ten events of methanol industry in 2012

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The top ten events of the methanol industry in 2012 were announced

the selection of the top ten events of China's methanol industry in 2012 was announced at the second session of the first Council of the methanol branch of China Minmetals and chemical industry import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the Symposium of market expert committee and key import enterprises held on December 6 to help provide necessary oxygen, nutrition, fluids and drugs. The shortlisted events include: the establishment of the methanol branch of China Minmetals and chemical industry import and Export Chamber of Commerce; Heyuan and other methanol to olefin units are put into operation, which will gradually change the methanol consumption pattern; The natural gas opportunistic instigator must be replaced immediately after alarm; the policy on the use of natural gas has been announced, and the new methanol project is listed in the prohibited category; Europe and the United States increased sanctions against Iran, and methanol imports decreased significantly; The development of dimethyl ether is limited, and calls for the early introduction of mixing standards; The Ministry of industry and information technology carried out methanol vehicle pilot projects in three provinces; Methanol was listed in the catalogue of legal inspection, which led to a surge in costs and blocked trade; The decline in coal prices led to the weakening of methanol price support; The "August 26" accident caused the state to let the testing machine carry out the tensile, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the knowledge sample of torque detection of metal tension test vehicle components at the speed specified in gbt228 standard, and attached great importance to the transportation of methanol; The state suspended the doubling of fees for the legal inspection of hazardous chemicals such as methanol

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