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How to win-win if the ultra-low electricity price is contrary to the original intention of the photovoltaic leading plan

yesterday, the optimization results of Baicheng application leading base were announced. Among the five bid sections, Chint new energy won the bid for project 1 with a price of 0.45 yuan/kWh, Guodian investment won the bid for project 2 and project 3 with a price of 0.42 yuan/kWh and 0.43 yuan/kWh respectively, and CGN solar won the bid for project 4 and project 5 with a price of 0.41 yuan/kWh and 0.43 yuan/kWh respectively

the ultra-low electricity price of 0.39 yuan/kWh, which previously caused a sensation in the industry, failed to achieve any results in the optimization of the base during the reproduction quality inspection of the inspected audio-visual products and electronic publications. Since then, the heated discussion on the low price bidding of the first leading base has finally reached a conclusion

compared with the local photovoltaic benchmark price in Baicheng, the bid winning 0 The price of 45 yuan/kWh fell by 36.9% and 30.8% respectively. For the final bid price, insiders generally believe that although it is still relatively low, it is relatively reasonable

ultra low electricity prices are detrimental to the benign development of industries

this week, the bidding and optimization of the top ten application leading bases of the third batch of "leaders" plan is in full swing, and the bidding electricity prices declared by various enterprises will be announced in succession. Based on the differences in the construction conditions and resource endowments of various bases, it remains to be seen whether there will be a lower quotation

insiders generally believe that low-cost bidding without a bottom line is contrary to the original intention of the photovoltaic "leader" plan. And the ultra-low price will put pressure on the benign development of the industrial chain and damage the interests of the local government where the project is located

ultra low price pressure is transmitted to the downstream industrial chain, and technological upgrading is affected. Enterprises win the bid for the project with ultra-low electricity price. In order to control the cost, they will inevitably reduce the equipment price in the subsequent procurement link. However, efficient and high-quality products have certain restrictions in terms of technology, output and so on. It is difficult to accept the extremely low price, or the leading project may not be the best product. However, some dishonest enterprises can obtain orders with false data and replace the poor with the good in the supply chain. The above situation has occurred in the previous two leading base construction

secondly, although the prices of upstream silicon materials and silicon wafers are significantly reduced, and the prices of components are also reduced, the prices of auxiliary materials have been rising. For example, with the popularity of double-sided double glass modules, the spot price of photovoltaic glass has increased, and the cable price has also increased due to the rise of copper price. The changes in the auxiliary material market will also affect the profits of enterprises to a certain extent. On the whole, the low profit of equipment supply will gradually become the norm of the photovoltaic industry

what is squeezed is not only the profits of manufacturing enterprises, but also the space for technological innovation. High quality and efficient products are produced on the basis of a large amount of R & D investment, followed by higher product prices. Winning the bid with unreasonably low electricity price, the investment enterprise has limited choice space in equipment suppliers, and it is difficult to ensure that all products are of excellent quality. The failure to obtain corresponding profits from high-quality products will also limit R & D investment. Such a result will have a negative impact on enterprise innovation and industrial upgrading: 5 samples of 100x100x70mm (the upper and lower surfaces of the samples are bonded with 100x100mm metal plates respectively with adhesives), It is against the original intention of the "leader" plan to promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading of photovoltaic power generation

there are many uncertain factors during the construction period

the operation monitoring data of the first and second batch of leading bases have not been published, and whether the conversion rate and system efficiency promised by each enterprise at the time of bidding have been achieved? What is the operation effect of the leading base? At present, these data are still unknown, and the results of the actual technical level and product quality of each company passing the operation verification of the leading base are still unclear

the scale of single projects leading the base in this phase is more than 100MW, and the overall scale reaches 6.5gw. In addition, some projects of the second batch of leaders will be delayed until 2018. The national development and Energy Research Institute and green energy think tank learned that the actual production capacity of domestic high-efficiency components is not consistent with the propaganda caliber, and few manufacturers can mass produce perc single crystals, half pieces, laminations and other high-quality and high-efficiency products, There may be a serious shortage of supply during the intensive construction period

secondly, a series of follow-up construction procedures after the leading base wins the bid need the high cooperation of the local government. Winning the bid at an ultra-low price depresses the economic benefits of the base, which will objectively affect the local government's income after the completion of the base. There must be various demands behind the local government's loss to promote the declaration of the demonstration base. The phenomenon of price rise in disguised form in the second batch of leading bases has proved that the resistance from the government and local people in the construction process is particularly fatal, while the third batch of leading bases also has similar variables. If not handled well, it will slow down the development progress of leading bases to varying degrees, and even eventually lead to the stranding of the project

only in this way can it be regarded as high-quality equipment. The national development and Energy Research Institute and the green energy think tank learned that in addition to the possibility of additional urban land use tax in Qinghai Province and additional fishery breeding fees in Jiangsu Sihong base mentioned in our previous article "leading risky parties need to be cautious", Shaanxi Weinan and Hebei Haixing bases also orally informed the bidding enterprises that the construction costs of booster stations and external lines of the project are to be increased to 80-130 million yuan, Jiangsu Baoying also orally told enterprises that they need to consider the cost of fishery breeding, which will significantly increase the investment cost of the base project. Enterprises must take some hidden costs into account when deciding the final bidding price. During the life cycle of more than 20 years after the completion of the project, the enterprise must also maintain a win-win relationship with the local government


previously, we clearly pointed out in the "low price may not be a sure win, and the quotation of photovoltaic leaders is really not just a matter of money", that it is not the lowest price that can definitely win the bid, and the bid winning result of Baicheng leading base also fully confirms our judgment

reasonable cost budget and scientific bidding price are the key prerequisites for the benign operation of the leading base. The indicators of the leading base play a leading role in the development direction of the industry. The electricity price formed by the leading projects through competitive allocation has become an important reference for improving the photovoltaic power generation price policy. This leading base electricity price will have a certain impact on the benchmark electricity price adjustment in the next year, and enterprises should be more cautious in bidding

I hereby call on the bidding enterprises that will participate in the bid opening of the third batch of leading nine bases. The core of the leading plan is technological progress and industrial upgrading. After comprehensive consideration, it is prudent to decide that ultra-low price is not a life-saving straw for winning the bid, but is likely to be "drinking poison to quench thirst"

finally, I will encourage you with the eight character principle put forward by the National Energy Administration for the construction of photovoltaic power generation leading base in 2017: "good work, good success, good beginning and good ending"

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