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It is reported that after a printing machinery factory in a city of Anhui stopped production, some laid-off workers raised funds to set up small factories (ranging from a dozen to dozens of people) to produce staplers, the products of the original printing machine factory. 1. The speed of decline, the torque of the output shaft and the rapid development. Some small factories can create an output value of more than 10 million yuan a year, equivalent to the sales revenue of the old printing machine factory in the past year. It is reported that there are dozens of small printing machine factories like this in the city, and the annual output of printing machinery is considerable

how to treat this phenomenon? One view is that this is in line with the development direction of China's market economy. Private economy and individual economy are important components of our national economy. The development of mechanical and electrical products production by private enterprises and individual enterprises is not only allowed, but also advocated and encouraged. At present, there are not many enterprises like this in our country, but fewer. We should speed up the development. At the same time, the development of private printing machinery enterprises is also a challenge to state-owned enterprises. Private printing machinery enterprises in a city have sprung up, which is also a wake-up call for state-owned enterprises: If enterprises do not speed up the deepening of reform and change the management mechanism, there will be no way out for enterprises, and the market will gradually be carved up by those enterprises with flexible mechanisms

another view is that mechanical products are technology intensive products, which are guaranteed by strict technical standards. Some mechanical products are produced by private enterprises and individual enterprises. How to ensure the product quality? Has the product been identified? What if there is a quality problem? This puts forward a new topic for industry management. Industry authorities or industry associations should attach great importance to this new situation, pay attention to new problems, and strengthen the guidance and management of such enterprises and production. At present, we should first strengthen investigation and research, find out the situation, help and point out that the success of a thing depends on the timing, geography, people and guidance. We should carefully study the existing problems, put forward solutions and perfect methods, and promote the healthy development of private and individual economy. No longer restart the closed production capacity

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