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How to use packaging strategy

Product packaging is a powerful weapon in marketing, so enterprises must choose professional packaging strategy when designing packaging. Common packaging strategies include the following:

1. Similar packaging strategies. Similar packaging strategy refers to various products produced and operated by enterprises. The same pattern, color or other common features are used on the package, so that the whole package shape is similar. It is easy to notice that this is a product produced by the same enterprise. The main advantages of this strategy are: 1) it can save the cost of package design. 2) It can increase the momentum and reputation of the enterprise. A series of product packaging with unified style is bound to make consumers suffer repeated visual impact and form a deep impression. 3) There is a kind of new product coming into the market. Through similar packaging, the existing reputation of the enterprise can be used, so that the new product can quickly occupy a place in the market. Similar packaging should be used for products with the same quality level and grade, not for products with widely different quality levels. Otherwise, it will have an adverse impact on high-grade and high-quality products with high efficiency and endanger the reputation of the enterprise

2. Grade packaging strategy. Grade packaging in the UK, graphene will be identified as one of the four emerging technologies to be developed in the future. The strategy is to implement different packaging for the products produced and operated by enterprises according to different quality grades. After the high-grade, middle-grade and low-grade products are separated, the corresponding packaging shall be adopted to make the price of products adopt exquisite packaging

3. Comprehensive packaging. Comprehensive packaging, or multiple packaging. Supporting packaging refers to that enterprises put a variety of interrelated commodities into one packaging container and sell them at the same time. This strategy provides convenience for consumers to purchase, carry, use and keep, and is also conducive to enterprises to expand sales and promote new products, such as tool matching boxes, household various medicine boxes, treasure boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. are comprehensive products

4. reuse packaging strategy. Reusable packaging, also known as multi-purpose packaging, refers to that after the goods in the user's packaging container are finished, this packaging container can still be used, which may be used to buy the original products or for other purposes. For example, the oil bottle can be used to copy the original biscuits, candy, stationery and sundries, etc. This strategy helps to arouse users' purchase interest, and may also promote their repeated purchases to play the role of advertising

5. Complimentary packaging strategy. This is a relatively popular packaging strategy in the foreign market at present, and its application has increased in the domestic market. This strategy is that the enterprise attaches some gifts to the packaging container of a commodity to attract purchase interest. For example, children's toys, candy and other commodities are packaged with comic books, character cards and stickers, and cosmetics are packaged with coupons, which can bring a number of different gifts. Some goods are packaged with lottery tickets, which can be awarded after winning the prize; Such and so on, countless

6. Reform the packaging strategy. The reform of packaging strategy refers to the corresponding reform of packaging design with the renewal of products and changes in the market. In modern market operation, the improvement of commodity packaging, like the improvement of the product itself, plays an important role in marketing. If the internal quality is similar to that of similar products, but the market is not smooth, it may be that the packaging design is not popular. At this time, we should pay attention to changing the packaging and launching innovative packaging, which may create excellent sales performance. At the same time, we should collect more information about the performance of related packaging in the market, constantly improve the product packaging, timely adopt new materials and technologies, carefully design new products, pay attention to the usual protection and maintenance modeling, and create novel and unique packaging to give full play to various functions of packaging. Of course, this does not mean that as long as we pay attention to the transformation of packaging, we can promote sales, and the internal quality of goods should also be continuously improved. At least meeting the use requirements is the most basic premise

7. Key points of packaging strategy selection. The function of product packaging is to protect the product itself, facilitate the use of consumers, beautify the product, increase the added value of the product and promote sales. Reasonable product packaging strategy has a very important impact on the product marketing activities of enterprises. Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

(1) key points for changing the packaging shape. Generally speaking, the shape of the package depends on the geometry of the product, but in some cases, special considerations are needed. For example, in order to specifically reflect the internal beauty of the product, the enterprise needs to change the external shape of the product. If an enterprise needs to change the original packaging, it must first understand the consumption and use habits of consumers. Is there any conflict with it? Also pay attention to the sight habits of consumers. Do consumers agree with the circular packaging you launched? Why do you like flat or square packaging

(2) whether to use family packaging or separate packaging. The so-called family packaging refers to that all product items use the same or basically similar packaging. The advantage of this is to reduce the cost of packaging design and printing; Because the promotion of one product item drives other products, advertising expenses can be reduced; The successful product projects of the enterprise can also be used to drive the sales of other product projects. But its disadvantage is that if one or several products go wrong, it will also affect other product projects. If separate packaging is adopted, the packaging cost and promotion cost are high, and it is 2D molding, but there will be no joint impact on other product items due to the problem of one product item. This requires enterprises to decide according to marketing objectives and marketing risks

(3) adopt combined packaging. In the same package, the packaging series is related products, that is, combined packaging. For example, toothpaste and toothbrush are packaged together; A group of cosmetics are packed together. The advantage of combined packaging is that it can increase the product sales of enterprises, because when customers need to buy related products, they do not only recognize the purchase of products from one enterprise, but also buy products from several enterprises in most cases. Adopt combined packaging to enable customers to buy the products of the enterprise as much as possible when purchasing series products; At the same time, it also adapts to customers' purchase for the purpose of gifts

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