How to use the selenium drum in the laser machine

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How to use the toner cartridge in the laser machine

for the later consumables of printing products, the use of the toner cartridge has always been a topic of concern to many friends. The author finds a common sense on how to make full use of the toner cartridge of the laser printer from the ZOL forum for your reference

1. Extend the service life of the selenium drum (Note: not necessarily effective)

we know that after using the laser printer for a long period of time, the printed words and images will appear blurred, the bottom ash will increase, and so on. Even if a new toner box is replaced, it will not solve the problem, so we should consider that it may be the problem of the toner cartridge. We know that the selenium drum of laser printer has a service life: generally more than 10000 pages, such as HP, Lenovo, etc. When the service life of the selenium drum is up, the above phenomenon will appear. This is mainly due to the aging of the photosensitive characteristics of the surface of the photosensitive selenium drum, the decline of the surface potential and the increase of the residual voltage, which affect the imaging of the selenium drum (see the first part of the printing principle)

is there any way to bring the selenium drum back to life? I thought that the surface of the selenium drum is a layer of non-toxic organic compounds with photosensitive properties. When it is in light, the coating will conduct electricity. Under the guidance of many chemical friends, I finally solved it with Cr2O3. The method is as follows: take 5g of chromium trioxide, dip it directly with lens paper, and wipe it carefully in one direction of the selenium drum (don't wipe it back and forth!) Once, wipe the surface of the selenium drum completely without omission. Special care should be taken when wiping: be gentle, be gentle again! You should also pay attention that your nails will scratch the drum drum membrane. After the above processing, the photosensitive toner drum can reprint thousands to thousands of pages! How about it? You can save a lot of money. Of course, this method may not be effective

2. Make full use of the selenium drum of the laser printer (Note: you can try)

because the Epson series laser printer has superior printing performance and convenient operation performance, there are also quite a few users in the society. However, because its consumables are expensive and its selenium drum is easy to fatigue, when it is tired, the surface of the selenium drum cannot be powered off, leaving a very "heavy" background color on the printing medium, which directly affects the printing effect

although it was mentioned above that wiping the selenium drum with chromium trioxide can eliminate the fatigue of the selenium drum, this method is not necessarily feasible. Because chromium trioxide is a solid particle (which cannot be dissolved), when it is used to wipe the surface of the selenium drum, it may damage the surface of the selenium drum. Some friends have tried this method, but it has no effect, and the surface damage of selenium drum is very serious. After many tests, we also found a very simple method to eliminate the fatigue on the surface of the selenium drum. After this method is used, a selenium drum can print more than 15000 manuscripts

The specific methods are as follows: when the selenium drum has fatigue, carefully remove the shell of the selenium drum first. In order to prevent damage to the surface of the selenium drum, wrap the surface of the selenium drum with a piece of soft cloth. After removing the shell, carefully pull out the selenium drum and expose it to the sun for one to two hours. Although the instructions of the printer say that it is strictly forbidden to expose the selenium drum to the sun. But this method is really effective. Anyway, dead horses are treated as live horses! Then pour out the toner in the waste powder box. You can use a small screwdriver to paddle back and forth at the mouth of the waste powder box, and the toner will come out soon. In this way, you can prevent the breakthrough of "dust" when pouring out the toner. Collect the poured toner and pour it into the toner box, which can save you a sum of money. Then use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the selenium drum and some parts of the powder box. Domestically, install the selenium drum after completion, that is, it is complete. At this time, you will be surprised to find that the original unbearable end 11 Unit: kg, LB, N, kn the draft is now "clearly" visible, and the original "heavy" background color is swept away

the above experiment is a friend's personal experience, and you can succeed every time. You might as well try whether it is effective

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