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How to view the market reshuffle in the brand development process of diatom mud

how to view the market reshuffle in the brand development process of diatom mud

September 12, 2017

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nowadays, with the strengthening of environmental awareness, the green industry is developing very rapidly, and diatom mud manufacturers, as the industry leader, also usher in new development opportunities, but we must also see that there are still many problems in the development of the industry, So how should enterprises treat these problems in the process of development

homogenization hinders the development of enterprises

in order to win market sales and take the initiative in the market, some large diatom mud enterprises often invest heavily in product research and development, and this investment is often difficult for small and medium diatom mud enterprises to come up with. However, the "high cost" investment of large enterprises is difficult to obtain "high income". Once a new product is launched, it is often directly copied by many enterprises

diatom mud enterprises not only imitate products, but also engage in "taking doctrine" in management, business model and even diatom mud brand publicity. Following the trend has become a life-saving rule for many enterprises to survive. Enterprises that are homogeneous and lack capital can only follow suit, unable to break through the market, or even be eliminated

imperfect management system is a time bomb

the diatom mud industry is still very traditional in management and marketing. Only businesses with 02 and green mechanical properties can sign up. The quality is not high. Therefore, only a few enterprises have well-known diatom mud brands and relatively complete channels. Many diatom mud enterprises' own channels and sales management are obviously not standardized. In this paper, Jinan new era editor will introduce in detail the role and principle of the servo valve. The market point is weak, and the dealers' choice of products depends on good customer relations. In addition, many enterprises have no ability to operate diatom mud brands, no systematic business model and professional marketing team, no accurate market information, no customer-oriented service standards to slow down the cooling rate and customer-oriented service system, no market-oriented research, production and supply system, long capital investment cycle and high risk, all of which will become a time bomb to kill diatom mud enterprises, A move can be fatal at any time

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