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Printing enterprises how to "win" in the off-season

as enterprises, they will experience the so-called boom and bust season every year. For printing enterprises, how to win in the off-season is extremely important if they want to achieve good development

when facing the off-season, many enterprises often choose the following ways to make enterprises operate as usual, but they often fail to realize that this has great disadvantages

salary reduction for all employees

printing enterprises, especially state-owned book and periodical printing enterprises, become extremely strict in the examination and approval of expenditure expenses in the off-season, and misuse performance appraisal. For all positions, China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more open, open up in the peak season and eat all in the off-season. A lot of work done in the off-season and the results achieved are not recognized and encouraged, which is bound to dampen the enthusiasm of all departments in the off-season, and even lead to brain drain

large layoffs

this situation is particularly prominent in private printing enterprises, which blindly recruit people during the peak production season. In the off-season, the electronic universal testing machine is a frequently used material testing machine, but it cuts people regardless of everything. Doing so will only increase the mobility of employees, bring instability of product quality and management interruption, and even the decline of corporate brand, and the intangible losses may be much more than the money saved by layoffs

team slack

schools and enterprises work together to overcome three difficulties

the team reduced the amount of undertaking during the off-season, recuperated and prepared for the peak season. Preparation is often like herding sheep. When the peak season comes, due to the decline in the frequency of visits in the off-season, the relationship between business personnel and customers is unfamiliar, which is easy to give competitors an opportunity

off-season prosperity

excessive off-season prosperity will overdraw resources, which will not only sacrifice the immediate need for plastic processing equipment to test their products, but also bring long-term benefits

as a leader of printing enterprises, we must establish the awareness of selling in the peak season and marketing in the off-season, and look at the off-season from a new perspective

first, we should have a new perspective

the off-season also contains great market opportunities. Some business personnel are unaware of and disdain to receive small customers, but their businesses may also be staggered with the off-season of the enterprise. If they can be undertaken in the off-season, they can also help the enterprise overcome difficulties

second, we should have new ideas

conscientiously explore the market in the off-season and strive to increase some new customers. When the peak season comes, even if you don't explore the market, the business volume can be improved

third, there should be new mechanisms

it is necessary to consider the light and peak seasons as a whole and establish a risk control mechanism. In the off-season, the production is mainly processed by the enterprise itself. When the orders increase greatly in the peak season, some orders or some processes of the orders can be handed over to other enterprises that meet the requirements of product processing for OEM, and the OEM enterprises should be given appropriate profits. Otherwise, the OEM Enterprises may prefer to be underemployed rather than help. Even if their own enterprises can't make much money in the outsourcing process, others help them stabilize their customers, which is also very beneficial to the long-term development of their own enterprises

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